Skillful as Fan Jin, precise than Zhuoyu, create a beautiful and detailed Go language technical resume efficiently in one minute (Golang1.18)

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R&D is less free, and people are busy in September. It’s the annual “Golden Nine Silver Ten” autumn recruitment season, and it’s time to write resumes. If you are still looking for templates in traditional Word documents, and then work silently, you are obviously a bit behind the times. This time we try to use The cloud platform flowcv efficiently creates a high-quality Golang technical resume that is as skillful as Fanjin and as precise as Zhuoyu. First come to the cloud platform: click tryfree and then select Resume and click to create a new resume: a qualified technical resume probably contains six parts: personal information (Information), personal profile (Profile), work experience (ProfessionalExperience), education Information (Education), project experience (ProfessionalExperience) and skills list…

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