Sleepy Coffee – Record coffee consumption, read sleep data, and uncover the relationship between coffee and sleep [iPhone]

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Sleepy Coffee is a fresh iPhone application that records coffee consumption, and it also reads sleep data at the same time, allowing you to roughly understand the relationship between caffeine and sleep. @Appinn

Sleepy Coffee - 记录咖啡饮用量,读取睡眠数据,揭开咖啡与睡眠的关系[iPhone]

Developer @HWang mentioned:

I like drinking coffee very much, but my sleep quality is not that good, and I have become more and more dependent on coffee recently, and even if I get enough sleep on weekends, I will have a headache without coffee. So I wondered if I could keep track of my caffeine record.

Sleepy Coffee

There are two prerequisites for using Sleepy Coffee:

  • Drink coffee
  • have sleep data

The first one is kind of crap. The next day, as long as there is sleep data in the, then give it permission to read it.

It is very simple to use, just select the coffee category and add it, but when adding, you can see the comparison chart of intake calendar and sleep data:

Sleepy Coffee - 记录咖啡饮用量,读取睡眠数据,揭开咖啡与睡眠的关系[iPhone] 1
Sleepy Coffee - 记录咖啡饮用量,读取睡眠数据,揭开咖啡与睡眠的关系[iPhone] 2

The picture on the right has two meanings:

  • Shade: Ratio of daily intake to upper limit
  • Height: The ratio of daily sleep duration to target

However, Green Frog still has to complain. I can’t understand this picture… I can only understand that the blue high and low bar is sleep status. Those who have achieved 8 hours of sleep are full, and those who have not achieved are dissatisfied. Can’t really see the depth. There is room for optimization here.

In addition, if you want to customize the coffee category, you need to subscribe or buy it out. The original intention of the developer is “the app sells for 30 yuan, and the 1.0 version has relatively few functions, but please rest assured, I will always strive to improve it! If you just want to Make a record to see the effect of coffee on your sleep, then you can also buy a one-year subscription (remember to cancel the automatic renewal), it will only cost nine yuan (annual disposable app)”

It feels okay.



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