Small label big design, how to make the label more beautiful and intuitive

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Any friend who has used Office has more or less done labels at work, such as property labels, material labels, etc. A typical label will probably look like this:


Labels like this can be seen everywhere, and anyone can make them without thinking. However, if you consider the context in which the label is used, such as hundreds of similar labels on a row of shelves, how to make the design of the label allow the colleague to pick Can you find items faster and more efficiently?

We can simulate the above situation with the following picture:


Assuming each label is a different item, can you quickly identify who is who? ?

Or if you have myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, and white eyes like me, but have not practiced pupil surgery, the same label will actually look like this:


The reason why the label is unclear and unclear is that the visual repetition of this unthought-out layout is too high, and it lacks hierarchy and focus. Of course, the result is low picking efficiency. , Universal design of my generation of designers certainly can not tolerate this label has repeatedly dragged down our efficiency.

Looking back at the above situation, it is obvious that the most important target for the picker is the material number. In addition to increasing the material number, since there is a barcode, some secondary fields can actually be discarded. After some reorganization After that, our summer label proposal is as follows:


In addition to enlarging the key words and simplifying the content, the font has also been changed from the original serif to sans-serif. Sans-serif is better recognizable at small scales. In addition, those column headings have also been removed. I believe Anyone know that “12 cans” is the quantity and “2022-08-03” is the date, just like a book’s cover or spine will never see “Book Title: Principles of Web API Design”, for a person of normal intelligence , those titles are obviously superfluous, unless it is a situation such as telephone or fax that will definitely cause confusion, the title needs to be specially marked. In principle, it can be less, not more .

Simulate the effect of the entire shelf:


Simulate the effect of myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, and whitening eyes:


It can be seen that whether it is a shelf situation or a dazzling situation, it can still maintain good recognition. In fact, as long as you spend a little more thought, you can create a better design. The “good” here is reflected in the friendliness to users. On the other hand, it also improves the efficiency of picking, and all of this is just to enlarge the words, remove the rubbish and save the essence, and make small changes to make big gains. Why not do it?

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