Small V video number download tool – download video number video through WeChat PC version

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Small V video number download tool is a tiny tool (44KB) to download video number video through WeChat PC version. You only need to play the video number in WeChat PC version to get the download link, which is easy to use. @Appinn

小V视频号下载工具 - 通过微信PC版下载视频号视频

Before that, Green Frog has been saving the video account video directly through the file manager of the Android phone, and there is a tutorial: Download the video of the WeChat video account . The gadget from the Discovery Channel is only 44 KB, and it is used to obtain the download address of the video from the video number on the computer, and then download it.

Small V video number download tool

Self-recommendation from developer @kakalong: [Self-recommended] Free WeChat video account short video download tool :

You can download videos from all video accounts + some videos and audios from public accounts.


  • Do not choose the WeChat version, the versatility is good, you can download the computer version of WeChat (self-tested and later WeChat versions) video number short video
  • There is no operation to crack WeChat, and the security is good
  • You can also download audio and video from some official accounts.
  • According to user feedback, some videos from other websites can also be downloaded, which has a certain generality.

The method of use is simple, first use the WeChat PC version to play the video or audio, then click on the blank space , press the shortcut keys Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C, let the computer select all and copy this web page (the video number playback interface is a web page):

小V视频号下载工具 - 通过微信PC版下载视频号视频 1

Then in the small V video number download tool, click to extract the video to get the link:

小V视频号下载工具 - 通过微信PC版下载视频号视频 2

Put the link in the browser to play directly, or download the video in the download tool.



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