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I came to the company to work overtime today on Saturday. On the way, I bought a mountain bike that I had been hesitating for a long time. I rode all the way to the company. When I arrived, it was almost twelve o’clock. I wanted to lie down on the chair and watch the video. , I vaguely felt the shadows of two girls walking in the corridor, and my intuition told me that I came to this room. Quickly turn off the video and open the work application, oh. . . I didn’t expect it to be gx, she said hello to me and chatted casually, she gave me some snacks, I didn’t expect it at all, I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to return, because the chocolate in the drawer was just eaten Finished (it’s my fault -_-), I was so happy at the moment, and then she went back, but I was still very happy, even happier than buying a mountain bike, and I couldn’t bear to eat it

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