Social Elimination Criteria and Color Assignment of QR Code

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In the simplified Chinese online world, it is no longer allowed to have too much thinking and discussion on epidemic prevention and control, because it has “guidance” to regulate speech , but people’s real feelings and “guidance” about the epidemic are completely Contradictory, so discussing this matter itself has become something that should be “guided”.

In the “Guiding Opinions”, reasonable explanations can be found for the originally unreasonable situations; when encountering unexplainable situations, the “Guiding Opinions” can also create new words to cover the definitions beyond the annotations. In short, the social rules that started because of the epidemic have become more and more “mature” now. It looks like a piece of code that is full of shit but can still work. In the process of data calculation of the load, there will inevitably be (ignoring the means that the problem does not exist) exists.

In fact, this concept has always existed, but in the end, it will be like an iron fist, and sooner or later, it will hit an unspecified object. For example, I used to just agree with the “Matthew Effect” , but I wasn’t sure if it was really one of the rules of this society. That is, the richer or more powerful the group, the richer or more powerful they will become because of their capital accumulation or power expansion. On the contrary, those poor or weak groups will become increasingly poor or weak because of their capital accumulation or deprivation of power.

The epidemic situation is the best example. Whether or not those with vested interests are blocked due to the epidemic, they can still get what they deserve through their vested interests. Although some opportunists will also benefit from it, for example, operators in the closed control area who benefit from price increases because there are no other competitors, although they have obtained more opportunities and benefits from the closed control, but at the same time He will also take risks. For example, he will be criticized for his behavior of raising prices, or after the epidemic is over, those whose interests have been hurt by him will sever more business relationships with him; perhaps he is still Looking forward to the second epidemic control, but because the residents who were hurt by the price hike for the first time knew the “rules of the game”, they began to learn to hoard reserves. As a result, during the second control, this opportunist lost The original scarcity, so a large number of goods fell into their own hands; of course, such an opportunist may also anger the original vested interests, he may get the benefit this time, but it may also be later. Forced to desperation by those with vested interests, or even eliminated.

Others who will be “eliminated” are those who will not be able to benefit from it and will suffer loss of benefits as a result. For example, those terminally ill patients who should have received life-saving medicines may, in the “rules of the game”, fail to obtain life-saving medicines in time and thus die-then they are directly “eliminated by society”. Although this is cruel, the “rules of the game” are like that.

Did no one think of these things at first? In fact, when people are often discussing social injustice, many people will ask those who have not hit their heads with iron fists – what if one day you or your family cannot get life-saving medicine because of the ban? Of course, this group of people who have nothing to do with themselves will not care about this issue. Although they are not vested interests, they are not victims or victims of the “rules of the game”. For many people, it is not What a good thing, but compared to those who are “socially eliminated” in the game, they can find a lot of fun to win.

Even if the vested interests think that someone will be “eliminated” because of unreasonable procedures, such as cancer patients who cannot get life-saving medicine, but they clearly think about it, but they will not be considered, because the more they think about it, the more they will be lost. The more it will affect the broader market of their vested interests; although the middlemen who have nothing to do with themselves can’t think of who will be “eliminated” for what, for example, the parents are controlled by the risk in a different place, and there is only a five-year-old child left at home, even if someone Telling them this fact, this group of people who have nothing to do with themselves will still pretend that they can’t hear and pretend that they can’t, and the “elimination” of others is a kind of “reward” for them to not lose or win; People who are “eliminated by society”, even if they know how unreasonable and inhumane the “rules of the game” are, but their cry will definitely be obliterated, even if it could have reached the ears of the vested interests, the result But it was blocked by the group of middlemen who had nothing to do with him. The middlemen are the most contradictory and selfish. They are jealous of those who have vested interests, and they also pursue the “Matthew effect” to slander the sufferings of those eliminated; Paralyzing themselves, like frogs squatting in warm water, they were still croaking and laughing at another pot of hairy crabs that had already been steamed.

The vested interests, the middlemen, and the quasi-elimination and the eliminators, they are symbiotic in the “mutual harm game at the bottom” , but they cannot form a joint force between them, so someone has come up with a new set of logic to ” The Matthew effect is used to the extreme. The vested interests can only account for 3%, the middle man enjoys the fullest 80% of the normal curve, and the remaining 17% is left to the group of patients who cannot get life-saving medicine because of the closure and control. The “sinners” who seek medical treatment in a timely manner burden the medical system, and the “trash” who are unable to live independently because of the lockdown, and so on.

But as I said just now, the middlemen will be complacent because they are not “social eliminators”, and feel like they are among the 3% vested interests, causing the entire normal curve to be in chaos. Therefore, the vested interests have learned a brand-new trick – coding. Green and yellow are used to adjust the ratio of 80% of the middlemen. One minute they are still complacent because they are not blocked, and the next second they become the defined “quasi-elimination”, and red is used to define ” For those who have been eliminated, their life, past, and privacy will be made public and judged morally—their deaths have become humble and insignificant, and they are not even allowed to be used to defend against the rules. , but the middlemen pretended not to hear, even if they did, they would think more about the vested interests: “Can you learn to sacrifice, what is the critical period now, is it important for you to take a life-saving medicine, or for all the residents? Life is more important!”

Yes, the vested interests have learned to assign a new color code-orange, did you notice that this orange is almost as delicious as the hairy crabs when they were first steamed! And in the hot pot next to it, is a group of green frogs laughing at hairy crabs!

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