Some commonly used NTP network time school servers

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NTP is the Network Time Protocol and is often used to synchronize the time of networked devices. Our computers, mobile phones, tablets and other networked devices or watches will inevitably have time errors due to various reasons. With NTP, regular time correction can be realized, reducing or even avoiding time errors. The default NTP in Windows system often fails to synchronize, so it is best to replace it with a domestic NTP server.

Windows setting method:

Go to Control Panel > Clock, Language and Region > Set Time and Date > Internet Time > Change Settings

Linux setup method:

 cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Shanghai /etc/localtime #Set time zone yum install ntp #Install NTP service

Enter the NTP configuration file

 nano /etc/ntp.conf

Add the following server address with the command: (you can replace it yourself)

 server prefer server

Some useful NTP commands:

 ntpdate #Manually initiate synchronization service ntpd start #Start the NTP service chkconfig ntpd on #Set the startup to start chkconfig --list ntpd #Check the settings

Some commonly used NTP network time school servers

Well-known NTP servers in Greater China:

National Timing Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences:

Alibaba Cloud NTP server:

Tencent Cloud NTP server:

Hong Kong Observatory NTP server:

Macao Geophysics and Meteorological Bureau NTP server:

Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom NTP server:

Well-known overseas NTP servers:

Asian timing sub-server:

Google NTP server:

Apple NTP server:

Microsoft NTP server:

Cloudflare NTP servers:

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