Some hospitals hit by ransomware have increased patient mortality, study finds

According to ” Cyber ​​Insecurity in Healthcare: The Cost and Impact on Patient Safety and Care ,” a self-report survey of 641 healthcare IT and security practitioners, the most common consequence of cyberattacks is delayed surgery and testing, resulting in poor patient recovery outcomes. good, with increased complications. The type of cyberattack with the most serious consequences for hospitals was ransomware attacks, reporting an increase in patient mortality in nearly a quarter of the institutions surveyed, delays in surgeries or tests in 64% of institutions, and prolonged hospital stays in 59% of institutions. According to the report, 89 percent of organizations surveyed experienced an average of 43 cyberattacks in the past year. The most common types of attacks are cloud intrusions, ransomware, supply chain attacks, and commercial email intrusions or phishing.

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