Some recent problems and complaints about Tianyi cloud disk


Time has come to May. Due to the epidemic, I haven’t found a new job for a long time, which makes me a little distressed. In addition, it is more comfortable to drink and eat; I haven’t updated my blog for a long time, and after thinking about it carefully, almost all the articles on the blog are dry, and I can’t give up. This article is long, please close it if you don’t want to read it.

I will keep updating and recording the problems I have encountered and sharing them with bloggers. What I want to talk about today is as follows:

NO.1 Some thoughts on website operation

During the period of squatting at home, I tossed a number of websites. I recently checked that the number of IPs of Xiaopo Station is stable at around 500-1000 , which is quite impressive as a Xiaopo station; then the number of IPs of blogs is also stable at 300-800. Between, blog comments 1500+. At the same time, I would like to thank my friends who came to this blog, thank you for your support! At present, Baidu does not like Xiaopozhan very much. Because the domain name is not on the record, it tried to make it included and submit links manually every day. It is still recommended that websites without filing should focus on optimizing the use of Bing and Google! As long as these two search engines are stable output originals or good pseudo-originals, they will be included in seconds ; I will continue to keep writing, entertainment and writing are not delayed + proper income generation is still good, the most important thing is the accumulation of persistence. , hold on, hold on .

NO.2 E-surfing cloud disk member speed limit complaint is unsuccessful

Because some resources are shared through Tianyi cloud disk, I don’t know what is the reason, my cloud disk platinum member account also has a download speed limit, whether it is a web page, mobile phone, or computer client, try changing It is no problem to download the same resources with a small account. Some people said this on the Internet, saying that it was caused by IP changes ; others said that the download traffic of the shared link was too large . At least the official did not reply to me in this way, and I have not received a relevant reply for the time being. This happened yesterday.

But fortunately, I have tested it with a trumpet account, and the files shared under its account will not be speed-limited when others transfer it to my cloud disk. It can be seen that it has nothing to do with the shared files, which allows me to continue to use it. It does not need to be white because platinum members are sent by broadband.

NO.3 Synology Edition Thunder is updated! good experience

I have been using Aria+qBittorrent to download resources to Synology before, but it has been uncomfortable to use. The reason is that there are not enough people to download many resources, and the natural rate is very slow. Since last month, Synology internal beta version Xunlei has started to update the version, and many problems have been fixed. It looks good that the download rate without a membership can reach about 5M. It was updated to v2.8.0 in May, and I also upgraded it.

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My internal beta invitation code: TZ3UXY4F, R9BQMZMC
In the internal testing of NAS Thunder, the download speed is full of bandwidth, and it will not upload when there is no download.
At present, NAS devices Synology and QNAP have been supported.

Alright, let’s nag here today! Corrections and comments are welcome.

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