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My city, Dalian, has been under static management for more than half a month since August 30. Although in the first half of this year, when I saw the news that Shanghai was banned for two months, I quietly thought about what I should do if I encountered a two-month ban, and I also made some preparations in advance, but when the real When static management comes, there is still some panic. Especially on the fourth day of the lockdown, when the main roads in the community were isolated with iron railings and guarded 24 hours a day, the panic was exacerbated.

During the half month of lockdown, in addition to the nucleic acid test once a day, I am mainly responsible for the lunch and evening meals for a family of three – iris preparation for breakfast, and how to allocate the time for the child when he does not have online classes so that he can spend time during this period. There is something to do in time. In your spare time, look out the window, think about things after going to work, and what you should do if you continue to be blocked for half a month or more.

intermittent food

Not surprisingly, on the 3rd day of being silently blocked, convenience stores in my community began to be warned one after another to close their doors, not allowing “Close Ming Chia Tai” to operate. After receiving a WeChat notification from the owner of the convenience store, Iris and I started to take stock of the food at home. Before we could control it, we tried our best to purchase some necessary vegetables for three meals a day, as well as some unnecessary snacks such as cola. Of course, prices at this time are at least 50-80% higher than normal.

On the fifth day of the silent lockdown, with the daily rise in the number of cases, it vaguely felt that the possibility of lifting the lockdown around September 10, as announced by the official announcement, was very unlikely. In line with the principle that the vegetables can rot at home and cannot be hungry, I started to join various group buying groups on my mobile phone, buy some green vegetables and stock up on more eggs. During this process, the phenomenon of orders being cancelled one after another began to appear. In the end, I had to resort to an “exhaustive” method – place at least one order in all the mini-programs/Apps that can place an order, staring at the mobile phone and waiting for the rider’s delivery call or the platform’s cancellation notice.

The result is that most of the local mini-programs, Meituan, Pinduoduo, Metro, Metro, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, have all canceled orders one after another, or placed orders for 200 yuan of goods and finally only sent a handful of bananas, etc. Surprisingly, Sam’s Supermarket performed exceptionally well. All orders placed were delivered to the home within 24 hours, and the price was not too expensive, only about 20% higher than usual.

Around September 5th, which is the seventh day of the lockdown, the vegetables and fruits provided by the community can be bought one after another. It is still difficult to buy meat, but fortunately, a large amount of pork and chicken were accumulated before the lockdown. As long as you plan Good, enough to use to National Day.

tortured pet

Just before writing these words, there was a video of positive patients found in other communities on WeChat, and the entire community was picked up by the bus. I murmured to iris, what to do with these people who were picked up and their pets, Will there be cases of living on the streets or starving to death at home? Iris told me that if I was taken away and quarantined, the community staff would come to feed the pets regularly every day, but they would not help to walk the dogs.

I am worried about pets because I have an 8 year old dog and a 1 year old cat at home. Due to the relatively loose management in the community where I live, the dog at home can still walk it twice a day. The cat is completely at home and hasn’t been out of the house since being brought home.

The dog at home is clingy. When cooking, it sits at the door of the kitchen waiting to pick up meat or vegetables that fall on the ground. When I or iris is accompanying the online class, it will jump on the child’s bed and sleep on his stomach. When night came and went to sleep one after another, it would drag its mattress to sleep in the middle of the two bedroom doorways.

Cats are not as lucky as dogs. My 6-year-old son is the cat’s natural enemy. Except when the cat is eating, he is held in his arms by my son most of the time, or is chased by my son and runs all over the floor. He finally hides under the bed and does not come out. I can’t stand it anymore, I will order my son not to touch the cat for a certain period of time, let the cat sleep for a while where he thinks it is comfortable.

When I was cooking before, I would pick up the minced meat that fell on the outside of the cutting board and feed it to the dog. Occasionally I fed the cat twice, maybe it tasted the sweetness. When I was cooking, it would also run to the kitchen door to guard it. I hope I can get him some minced meat to eat, but it doesn’t show up almost as full as a dog, it’s more about mood and belly.

old people in society

The community I live in belongs to the old, broken and small type. I chose this place for the school district. The proportion of elderly people in the community is very high. During this silent lockdown, most of the young people were able to stay at home peacefully. It was these old people who walked on the street and gathered together to chat, and many of them did not wear masks.

Then suddenly one day, a few young people couldn’t get used to these uncles and aunts, and began to post videos of these elderly people not wearing masks and chatting in the community. The starting point of young people is to hope that the epidemic will end soon and they can go to work. However, after the old people are criticized by young people, they avoid the important things and say that the tone of young people’s words is wrong and they do not respect the old people. In the end, community staff came forward to quell the matter. As a result, the old people were business as usual, and the young people chose to remain silent.

I can understand the motives behind the young people’s posting of these videos, but the motives behind the old people can’t stay at home and gather without masks to chat, so I don’t know the motives behind them. My guess is that it may be old and lonely, and the children are not around. There are several peers who often meet and chat as a pastime. It may also be relying on the old to sell the old. When the epidemic is serious, they dare to go out and chat in the middle, showing that they and others are in harmony with each other. Different, not afraid of viruses.

Of course, from a certain point of view, society is like this. Much like Twitter, there are both good and bad; Weibo, you can only see the more important ones.

There are no recommendations in this issue. Finally, I wish your city will never need silent isolation.


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