Reading, maybe nothing will change

Original link: After it was published on NewsLetter , it attracted a lot of dissent (many people responded to the email and unsubscribed). It is possible that most people did not read the entire content, leading to misunderstandings. The original intention is that everyone should read more books, reading books is beneficial, but just […]

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Read “The Texture of Poverty”

Original link: Non-fiction documentary literature, as long as it is not too outrageous, will generally be widely praised. The reason is that there are too few such books published in China, and it is almost unheard of that domestic non-fiction documentary literature has won any awards. What is still the so-called spiritual literature. From

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technology hijacking ideas

Original link: It’s only in the last few years that this idea has started to emerge – that technology has hijacked ideas. In the past many years, when I encountered problems in real life, I would always take the initiative to search to see how others solved such problems, and then copied them mechanically

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Read “100 things that disappeared in the Internet age”

Original link: “Period, getting lost, bad photos, flea market, class reunion, business card box, phone in the kitchen, reading the newspaper…” It has only been more than 10 years since the Internet has fully integrated into the life of our city. However, the birth and development of the Internet has indeed taken some things

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Read Hatching Pixar

Original link: After reading the last book “Innovative Companies: Pixar’s Enlightenment” , I found this book when I went to Douban to mark the read. The perspectives provided by this book and the relatively important information about what happened at that time are very detailed and detailed, and are especially suitable for small companies

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Some things closed

Original link: My city, Dalian, has been under static management for more than half a month since August 30. Although in the first half of this year, when I saw the news that Shanghai was banned for two months, I quietly thought about what I should do if I encountered a two-month ban, and

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Read “Innovative Companies: Inspirations from Pixar”

Original link: The biggest feeling after reading this book is: there is no innovation there, but it is just constant iteration. In the past few years, I have read books that are basically similar to this, such as “Replay Netflix” and “Eclectic” about Netflix; “Shooting All in One Net” about Amazon; “Be Patient for

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Read “Being Involved: Chinese Government and Economic Development”

Original link: “Lending suspension, work suspension, debt crisis, fiscal and taxation, unpaid wages, increasing corporate bankruptcy, making ends meet, increasing deposits, downgrading consumption…”. These are almost some of the words that appeared most frequently in the domestic hot news in the first half of the year. Even if I don’t take the initiative to

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Read “The Art of Possibility: 30 Lectures in Comparative Politics”

Original link: At home, few books on politics can be published. But there is a kind of political comparison exception, such as discussing foreign politics, this is OK. Like me, most of them are outsiders in politics. They can hardly observe a phenomenon, but also understand the motive and essence behind the phenomenon. The

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passive plan

Original link: In the past six months, large factories have laid off workers. I don’t know if it’s because of market demand, or because some people who used to work in big factories have added new roles to themselves after being laid off. Many people now define themselves as “career planners” or “career growth

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Last talk about kindle

Original link: I recently received an email from amazon saying that it is going to withdraw from the Chinese market. This is not surprising to me, after all, when I started using Kindle, Kindle had not yet entered the Chinese market. Now I’m still using the kindle, but he’s about to quit. I am

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Read “The Diary of an Abandoned Doctor Who Absolutely Laughs”

Original link: Before reading this book, I judged from the title that this book should make people laugh. The book collects all kinds of funny things and jokes encountered in the hospital. After reading it, go to the evaluation of Douban. There is a very pertinent sentence: how humorous it is to read, the

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