Songdu Co., Ltd.: It is still in communication with Mount Everest in Tibet, and the legal department will be involved in the evaluation in due course.


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 Titanium Media App news on August 19, Songdu announced that the company was informed that its subsidiary Songdu Lithium received the "Notice of Termination of Contract" sent by Tibet Everest on the evening of August 18, 2022, and Tibet Everest unilaterally announced the cancellation. Cooperation agreement and announcement. As of the date of receiving the "Notice of Termination of Contract", the company has made various preparations for the cooperation, but since Tibet Everest unilaterally announced the cancellation of the cooperation agreement, the company will contact Tibet Everest to verify the specific reasons. At the same time, the company is concerned that one of the consortium parties, Tusqingyuan, violated the consortium agreement unilaterally, and signed a cooperation agreement with a third party on the same project without notifying the company or rescinding the original contract with the company. The company will also address this situation. Further contact with Tusqingyuan to verify the reasons for its violation of the consortium agreement.

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