Sources say EA seeks to “sell itself”: Apple is a potential buyer

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Sina Technology News Beijing time on May 23 morning news, according to reports, about Comcast EA ‘s report on CEO Brian Roberts’ attempt to merge NBC with game publisher (EA) has been looking to merge, and Apple is a potential acquirer.

Over the years, Apple has been making acquisitions, on the one hand to strengthen its workforce and knowledge base, and on the other to quickly acquire new business and enter new markets. A report on Friday suggested the company and Electronic Arts had at least had discussions about a potential acquisition.

In an article discussing how Comcast CEO Roberts is trying to negotiate with EA CEO Andrew Wilson over a potential merger between EA and NBCUniversal, sources say Apple and EA are also in talks other negotiations.

The sources claim that Wilson and EA have been in talks with “a number of potential suitors” over the past few years about a sale. Those suitors include Apple, as well as Disney and Amazon .

Electronic Arts has reportedly been trying to get acquired by other companies, and with numerous acquisitions in early 2022, the game publisher has become “bolder” to achieve this goal. These acquisitions include Sony Take-Two Interactive to buy Zynga for $12.7 billion , and Microsoft Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion ‘s transaction.

As part of the talks, EA hopes “will allow Wilson to remain CEO” after the merger with other businesses, the sources said.

Apple, Amazon and Disney declined to comment on the news.

Although Apple is trying to gradually enter the game space, such as the company’s previous Apple Arcade service, it seems unlikely that they will make such an acquisition. Apple is not inclined to make such a large acquisition, the only exception being its $3 billion acquisitions of EAs Music and EAs Electronics in 2014.

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