Spent 3000 yuan to buy the top MacBook Pro

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MacBook Pro Headless Horseman

I am basically a home office worker, so I always use the Mac mini M1 version of the computer at home. Due to my work needs, I need to go to the company for 1-2 days a week. However, I am too lazy to plug and unplug the Mac mini. Therefore, an old desktop computer that will be used in the company. In recent months, I feel that its life is about to end. It takes 10 minutes to start up in the morning, and it freezes after opening two or three windows. , So, I decided to spend the least money on the Internet to find a decent and convenient computer.

After two days of research, I ordered a 17-model MacBook Pro on a treasure, and it only cost me over 2,000 yuan. Why is it so cheap? Because it doesn’t have a “head”; yes, it’s a computer without a display, if you can’t understand, then look at the picture below:


Why is there such a product circulating online? In fact, most of these products come from some digital enthusiasts or maintenance personnel. Some computers with damaged screens or screen failures have been recovered. However, maintenance costs and time, and in the end, they can’t make a few money. They simply dismantled the screen and sold them to Lovers in need.
A brief introduction to the configuration of this Macbook Pro I purchased:

Processor: 2.9GHz quad-core Inter Core i7
Memory: 16GB+512G
Graphics Card: Pro560+HD630 Independent 4G
Touch bar with bar, fingerprint ID

To be honest, this configuration is more fragrant than the M1 version of the Mac mini in hand, but how to use it without the screen, don’t worry

Hammer TNT GO Wired Edition

In order to install a “head” for the MacBook Pro, I browsed the display information for another day on the Internet. Of course, my demand is to be able to carry it easily. There are indeed many “4K convenient displays” in a treasure, but they are all hanging on the sheep’s head. Selling dog meat, you get what you get for every penny, and I don’t make any comments. In the end, I chose TNT GO from Hammer, a TNT expansion screen made for nut phones, but now they have been discontinued and can only be obtained from digital dealers. After many comparisons, I finally bought a wired version at a price of hundreds of dollars. The wired version is to connect the mobile phone/tablet/computer to this screen through the PD cable, making it an extended screen, while the wireless version only supports and Nut phones match.
Here is a brief introduction to the configuration of the TNT GO I purchased:

Screen: 12-inch 2K 60Hz portable HD display, aspect ratio 3:2, ten-point touch.
Keyboard: 1.25mm key travel, scissor structure, 78-key layout, 5-point touch, magnetic contacts.
Camera: 5 million pixel high-definition front camera, f/2.0 large aperture, support face unlock function.
Smart stylus: 1.5mm small size nib, 4096-level precise pressure sensitivity, continuous writing time of more than 10 hours Audio: dual microphone array, supports AI sound pickup and noise reduction, supports directional pickup (front) and omnidirectional pickup, stereo Dual speakers, dual SmartPA

However, in order to let the seller lower the price, I gave up the keyboard and stylus, because I used it for Mac. The keyboard of TNT GO is the key position of win, which is not suitable for Mac, and the screen does not support touch after connecting to Mac. , so I don’t need a stylus. On the contrary, if it is a Windows computer, these two configurations should be kept as much as possible.
The surprise is that it has a great microphone and speakers, and the camera can be called directly from the Mac.
Disadvantages: 2K screen cannot reach Hidpi on Mac, and the picture is not delicate enough.
Solution: You can use the various solutions provided on the Internet to enable Hidpi for the 2K screen. I have already done it here, and you can search for it yourself if you need it.
Since it is a 12-inch screen, it is indeed a bit small for a 15-inch keyboard, but it is only used occasionally, so it’s okay to make do with it.


This is what it looks like when connected to a large screen:


Greenlink 10-in-1 Docking Station

How far behind the company’s computer configuration is, his monitor still uses a VGA interface, which means that my existing HDMI and Thunderbolt DP interface converters will not work on it, so I simply buy a new docking station, It contains:

1 VGA port
1 HDMI port
1 Type-C/PD interface
1 LAN cable interface
1 x 3.5mm headphone jack
3 USB3.0 ports
1 SD port
1 TF port

The full set of equipment cost about 3000 yuan. Some people laughed and it was not worth it. It is better to buy a complete set. Some people laughed at me for picking up second-hand use, and some people laughed at not buying Windows.

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