“Spreading Drugs” – A Childhood Game Memories

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The children in the courtyard were playing a strange game and observed the rules. In the palm of the hand and the back of the hand, one negative is selected in each round, and one positive is left at the end. Then yin runs and yang catches, and the caught infection becomes yang, and catches yin together. There is a fixed place that is the vaccination point, and if you run to this point negatively, you will get 30 seconds of immunity.

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Looking at the comment area of ​​the Weibo, some people said that this game is called “catch mice”, “catch ghosts” or something. When I was a kid, everyone called this a “drug game”.

The rules for “spreading poison” are slightly different. It is someone with “poison” who touches someone with their hands and calls it “biography”. The poison is passed on to the touched person, and the person who shoots is clean. If you see someone with “poison” rushing towards you, you can put your hands on your chest and say “defense”.

So, wouldn’t it be good to keep “defense” from the very beginning? But sometimes, if you keep a defensive posture all the time, you will be accused of “cheating”, and then everyone will force his hand to spread his poison. Of course, after such tossing, conflicts and fights are inevitable. There are also some people who deliberately swayed over there in an unguarded manner. After being touched, they raised their crossed middle and index fingers, saying that they had already been on guard. This is also controversial.

Those who are rumored to be “poisoned” will “explode” if they can’t find a home within the cooling time. The cooldown time can be 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or 1 minute, depending on how long you can play.

This game, the rules are simple, but also very aggressive. For example, a person may not have participated in these riots, but just sat quietly in the classroom reading a book, was passed on, and was declared “exploded” when he was overwhelmed. The thick-skinned is already, and the thin-skinned has to pass it on to the same table and nearby classmates under the prompt of the good people, and pull everyone nearby into the game. During class, you can even minimise the movements to the level of your fingers and continue playing.

Once during a class break, a poor drug carrier had nowhere to run, so he had to walk up to the pulpit and pass it on to the teacher who remained in the classroom. The teacher didn’t know why, everyone was stunned at that moment, and then suddenly laughed, surrounded the teacher and counted down, and then announced an explosion.

The teacher later learned the whole story, scolded the game for its low-key style, and did not want us to play it. But once a thing becomes taboo, it cannot be suppressed. It was only when everyone rose to a grade and saw the lower grades playing, they felt naive, or they were tired of it, would they stop.

It was a year or two after the SARS epidemic.

(Press: Instructed by netizens, this kind of gameplay existed in the 1990s.)

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