SpringBoot official announcement: Minimum Java 17 required! How to do?

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SpringBoot 3.0 Minimum Requirements Changes

Spring Boot 3.0 requires Java 17 and Spring Framework 6 as a minimum version.

What I’m trying to say is that JDK 17 is YYDS because JDK 18 is a short-term maintenance release with only 6 months of maintenance support. According to the development plan, JDK 19 will be released in September this year, but it is also a short-term maintenance version. In the long run, JDK 17 will be adopted by enterprises to production projects like JDK 8.

Java baseline raised from Java 8 to Java 17

This was already known in the earliest Spring Boot 3 related announcements, and Java 17 will become the mainstream version in the future.

We open: https://start.spring.io

You will find that JDK 17 is selected by Spring’s official default support. It must be right to follow Spring’s official study and support JDK 17. I am very optimistic about the new features of JDK 17.

The 14 new features of Java 17 are:

  • 306: Restore always strict floating point semantics

  • 356: Enhanced Pseudo-Random Number Generator

  • 382: New macOS rendering pipeline

  • 391: macOS/AArch64 port

  • 398: Deprecating the Applet API that will be removed soon

  • 403: Strongly encapsulate the internal API of JDK

  • 406: Switch Pattern Matching (Preview)

  • 407: Delete RMI activation

  • 409: Sealed class

  • 410: Remove experimental AOT and JIT compilers

  • 411: Deprecation is about to remove security manager

  • 412: External Functions and Memory API (Incubator)

  • 414: Vector API (second feature incubation)

  • 415: Context-specific deserialization filters

Of these 14 functions, which one is most useful to you.

How fast is Java 17?

Seeing such a sincere update, should developers upgrade? Although you can experience Java 17 just by switching JDK. In response, the OptaPlanner website did a benchmark: How fast is Java? Let me tell you the answer by comparing JDK 17, JDK 16 and JDK 11.

Benchmark Summary

On average, benchmark results using OptaPlanner as an example show:

1. For G1GC (default), Java 17 is 8.66% faster than Java 11 and 2.41% faster than Java 16.

2. For ParallelGC, Java 17 is 6.54% faster than Java 11 and 0.37% faster than Java 16.

3. Parallel GC is 16.39% faster than G1 GC.

How to quickly master all the new features of Java 17

Anyone who has been exposed to Java knows that “Java Programming Ideas” is basically a must-read book. However, the latest 4th edition was published in 2007, which is also a 15-year-old book. The content is still based on JDK5, and the new features of the Java long-term support version JDK8 and JDK17 have not been learned. “Java Programming Thought” is no effective help for enterprises and workplace people who use JDK8 and JDK17 now.

After a lapse of 15 years, Bruce Eckel, the author of “Java Programming Ideas”, has finally re- created this “on Java” – a programming book based on the Java8 language features , which can be called another masterpiece in the history of Java! Because the basic knowledge of Java is very large, it is not easy to break it apart and smash it.

In the words of the author of this book:

For developers who want to learn Java , it is the best choice to base on Java 8 and cover Java 17, and the appearance of On Java Chinese version is just in time . This book not only introduces the basics of Java, but also focuses on the content of Java 8 and Java 17. Through the lens of functional programming, the author elaborates on the problems that different programming paradigms have to deal with, and uses separate chapters to provide an in-depth introduction to lambda expressions, functional interfaces, and streams.

English version “On Java 8” Douban 9.3 score

This book was previously only available in English and only taught Java 8 language features. Now this masterpiece has made “On Java Chinese Edition”. Not only upgraded the content of Java8, but also added new language features from Java9 to Java17 especially for Chinese readers.

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