Square Weekly (Issue 8): Going Home

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It seems that our life is only for a few things: the college entrance examination where we write hard, the short Spring Festival return home, the reluctance to wave goodbye, the holidays full of expectations, the double break after a tiring work week, and the countdown before get off work every day. —— via @404

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wk8-hhl.jpg Passing by the Yellow Crane Tower (via @小赵Classmate )

Blog recommendation: ” Classmate Xiao Zhao https://usj.cc/ ” Born in the 2000s, a native of Xiangyang, Hubei Province, currently a junior undergraduate student.

Topic: go home

Going home, going back to the house where my parents are, going back to the old house of my grandparents, is like going back to my childhood, back to the time when I was careless enough to go home for dinner…


1.The capital of the motherland

Once a year, the autumn wind is strong, not like the spring scenery, but better than the spring scenery, and the vast river and sky are covered with frost. (via @wxie )


2. Emei Seven Days

Sitting on the sofa by the window, the outline of the distant mountains went from being clear to disappearing. Silence and fog curled up together, then diffused. The wind stopped, the moon rose, and the trees became still. On the first night in Emei, my world relaxed. After settling down, I was finally able to lie down and sleep peacefully. (By Chopsticks Little Hands https://www.macin.org/ )


3.Shijiazhuang Comic Exhibition

I really envy these young people. In such a grand festival, they dress up in the image they love and move confidently among the crowd. This is probably a two-dimensional carnival, right? (By Xiaoxian https://dongjunke.cn/ )



4.Beijing Nuclear Fusion Game Festival

After entering, the lineup of participating games is really surprising: the Xbox booth where you can experience the console and receive a customized handbag (next to the starry sky booth), the Cyberpunk booth where you can take photos with official Cosplayers, and the early access to experience “Warm Snow” Bilibili Game Booth… (By alpacabro https://www.alpacabro.com/ )


5. Dianshan Lake, cycling around the lake

The 55.6-kilometer cycle around Dianshan Lake was completed. We set off from home at around nine in the morning and it was a 30-kilometer journey to Dianshan Lake Rainbow Bridge. At present, my daily riding is only more than 20 kilometers. This time, I went to Dianshan Lake for a round trip of 60 kilometers. If I cycle around the lake again, the total mileage will be nearly 120 kilometers, which is a bit difficult for me. (By A Feng https://feng.pub/ )


6. Half-day tour of Dianshan Lake

As a left-behind child during the holidays, I temporarily decided to take half a day to visit Dianshan Lake to prepare for future camping. By the way, I could spend a night in the car and experience what it feels like to sleep in a car. (By Ajie JACK https://veryjack.com/ )



7.Morning Coffee

Beauty (via @odin )


8. Conghua Bishui New Village

(via @Sean )



9. On the way to get off work

I picked up a piece of sunshine. (via @Elizen )


10.Watch the Asian Games

I went to watch the Asian Games over the weekend and met Ma Long/Fan Zhendong/Sun Yingsha/Chen Meng (via @Leon )


11. Lushan Beihai Resort

It’s really a Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day to explore my hometown. I had nothing to do in the afternoon. I went out and randomly navigated to Lushan Beihai Resort. There are still very few people there. I don’t know if it will be lively at night. (via @十月)



1. Game Memoirs

As soon as I started to recall my experience of playing games, the stories I had about the games popped up one after another in my head, and I couldn’t stop them. (By 1900 https://1900.live/ )


2. Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with parents

My mother has always doted on me since I was a child and never let me do housework. When she saw me, she came over and said, “You go back to your room, I don’t need your help.” In the spirit of participation in family activities, I shamelessly stayed and did some easy work – spreading noodles. (By Shiyue https://www.skyue.com/ )



It is always easy to get emotional when getting along with parents. Parents always seem to have 100 ways to suppress and complain, and they can always say words that trigger emotional breakdown. If you respond irritably, it is unfilial. Jump out of the current time and space, keep calm and keep your mind, don’t be moved by bad words, everything is right, right. (via @cooolr )

4.Little barber shop

A small barber shop run by an old couple and a young man. ? , every time I go into the shop to get a haircut, it seems to free me from this extremely noisy life and give me a short respite. I still remember that after the last haircut, the boss yelled at me to sit down again. I was surprised and didn’t quite understand what to do. Until he said: “It’s not cut properly, please trim it again.” (via @Kouseki )

5.Buy books

Since junior high school, I have bought many books, but after reading them, I gave them away or threw them away. I think the purpose of books is mainly for reading, and I have never had the habit of collecting them. Now that I have a child, I realize how great it would be to keep those books in my collection. I hope he can read the books I have read in the future. (via @大大小小丝)

6. Inferiority

Inferiority, it seems like this (via @XXL )



Sometimes after listening to something, you will have a feeling of enlightenment, as if you know something, but also as if you don’t know anything. Later, I felt that maybe it was because I didn’t know enough that I suddenly realized it; and because I didn’t know enough, I felt that I still didn’t know anything. (via @X )


Data pollution on various platforms is really serious now. In the past, it was Party A’s fraud, but now it’s more of Party B’s “photo fraud” and “visual fraud”… (via @林木木)


As an ordinary person, writing on the Internet is unlikely to become that kind of big V. Just write as an ordinary person and avoid falling into the traffic trap. This is the consensus of every ordinary writer. (By joojen Zhou https://joojen.com/ )

10. Blog collection website

(via @Xalaok )

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1. “The Biography of Elon Musk”

Renowned biographer Isaacson uses a close-up perspective to uncover the mystery of today’s world-famous and controversial innovative entrepreneur: he is good at breaking the rules and leading the world into the era of electric vehicles, private space exploration and artificial intelligence. Times also included Twitter.
When Elon Musk was a child in South Africa, he was regularly bullied at school, but the pain was nothing compared to the emotional trauma his father inflicted on him. His childhood was steeped in human nature, which molded him into a strong yet fragile boy. He has a high tolerance for risks and is eager to create a dramatic life. His grand goal is to turn human civilization into an interstellar civilization.
In 2008, SpaceX’s rockets exploded one after another during the first three launches, and Tesla was about to go bankrupt. This was the darkest period of his life. He was one of the most excited people when a hurricane came. Turbulent environments and intense conflict appealed to him, and at times he even craved them, whether at work or in a romantic relationship that he struggled to maintain but failed to last. Whenever he faces a difficult challenge, the tension often keeps him awake at night and even causes him to vomit, but these are the nutrients he relies on to survive.
At the beginning of 2022, a year after SpaceX successfully launched 31 satellites, Tesla sold nearly 1 million cars, and Elon became the richest man on earth, it is difficult to understand the motives behind his repeated dramatic conflicts. , he spoke of his reflections with a touch of sentimentality.
He said: “I need to change my thinking mode. I can’t always be in a state of crisis preparedness. I have been in this state for about 14 years, or most of my life.” This is more like a self-pity evaluation, and It’s not about expressing your resolution for a new year. While he was making these reflections and assurances, he was also secretly buying Twitter stock.
For two years, Isaacson has been following Musk closely, attending meetings of all sizes, visiting factories with him, and conducting in-depth interviews with him, his family, friends, colleagues, ex-wives, and opponents. Isaacson unveils Musk’s inside story, which ranges from heart-pounding triumphs to dramatic ups and downs. These stories answer the question: Is the demon that drives Musk in his heart also necessary to drive innovation and progress?

Well-deserved No.1 on the hot list

2. “Goodbye Lover Season 3”

The third season of the Mango TV marriage documentary observation reality show “Goodbye Lover” has launched recruitment nationwide. Couples facing “emotional difficulties”, or those who have already walked out of marriage, invite you to go on an 18-day journey to find solutions.

A marriage documentary observation reality show created by Mango TV. Is this okay?

3. Wayna x Ren Suxi “Big Dream”

What would you do if life was just a big dream?

4. Two months after I came to work in Shenzhen, I realized: “People don’t just need to live…”

This is the first time I have talked about my family of origin and my daily life. I am not willing to regard all the hardships I have experienced as pain, and what I have experienced is not one ten thousandth of what my parents experienced. My mother laughed it off when she told me about the pain she went through.

eat indigenous

1. Hi mention iPhone 15 Pro


(By Bigfa https://fatesinger.com/ )

2.QQ ice cream


(By netizen Xiao Song https://xyzbz.cn/ )

3. Mijia Inflatable 2


(By A Feng https://feng.pub/ )

Tossing around

1. New desktop

The new desktop that I have been working on for a long time is finally closer to what I had in mind. (via @else )



An icon site, Japanese style, very beautiful. (via @Elizen )

3. ? The road to AGI

Nowadays, a lot of knowledge can indeed be obtained much faster by surfing the Internet than reading books. (via @Elizen )

4. Omnivore

Omnivore is an open source read-later tool. It has browser plug-ins, iPhone, and Android clients. It supports capturing WeChat public account pictures. It can integrate Logseq, Obsidian, and Webhooks. It has reading, search, and label creation based on rules, emails, RSS and other functions. And can be self-hosted for deployment. (via @DemoChen )

5. Memos import and export JSON

The author of Twikoo released a tool – Memos to import and export JSON. (via @大大小小丝)

6. Play with emoji expressions

The notifications sent by the teacher in the child’s class group all have emoji expressions, which is very interesting. (via @老张)



SKIP is a free and open source Android application that aims to use Android accessibility services to help users quickly click the skip button of the APP’s on-screen advertisements, making your experience smoother. (via @VeryJack )

8.Vercel China DNS analysis

A record address:

CNAME record address: cname-china.vercel-dns.com

9. Claude 2 Mirror Site

The new Claude 2 mirror site is online, it is still free, and you are welcome to use and spread it. (via V2EX )

Use Alibaba Cloud disk as a large space storage for Lankong Picture Bed

Use Alist to mount the Alibaba cloud disk and generate the webdav protocol as a large space storage for Lankong Picture Bed. (By Lao Zhang https://laozhang.org/ )

10.Self -built Clash subscription conversion

A Sub-Web web client. You can put your airport subscription or Vmess/ss, etc. here, and then you can generate a Clash connection with diversion rules and import Clash with one click. (By STEVE https://blog.steveee.me/ )



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