StackOverflow 2022 annual survey report: JavaScript continues to dominate the list, Java is out of the top five, Rust is the most popular

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A month ago, StackOverflow opened the 2022 annual developer survey, which lasted a month and a half. On June 22, StackOverflow officially released the 2022 annual developer survey report.

This report, StackOverflow, surveyed developers in 180 countries and regions around the world, and as in 2021, data from respondents who spent less than three minutes in the survey was discarded. The report covers current popular technologies, operating systems, cloud platforms, database status, employment, salary, etc. The following are some excerpts from the report.

1 The most popular languages: JavaScript continues to dominate the list, Java is squeezed out of the top five

This year, StackOverflow compared popular technologies used by three different groups (all respondents, professional developers, beginners).

Not surprisingly, the survey data for all respondents and professional developers shows that JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language for ten years in a row. In addition, the ranking of Microsoft’s TypeScript has been steadily improving, rising from 9th in 2020 to 7th in 2021, and this year it has pushed Java to 5th. Python and SQL have reversed their positions over the last year.

In the beginner survey, the situation is slightly different, HTML/CSS etc. are still better choices for beginners, Javascript and Python are also the most popular languages ​​for beginners.

Interestingly, despite TypeScript’s increasing popularity, people’s love for it has declined. Rust remains the most-loved programming language, with about 87% of developers wanting to continue using it, with TypeScript slipping to 4th from 3rd last year. Emerging language Elixir moved up to No. 2.

2 Web frameworks: Node.js goes hand in hand with React

Starting in 2021, Stackoverflow moved Node.js from the “Programming Languages, Scripting and Markup Languages” category to the more appropriate “Web Frameworks” category. Of the 58,743 respondents, roughly 47% use Node.js and 43% use React.js. At the same time Node.js and React.js are the two most commonly used network technologies by professional developers and beginners.

3 Databases: PostgreSQL surpasses Redis as the most popular database

PostgreSQL has surpassed Redis and become the most popular database, ending Redis’s 5-year dominance.

4 Developer tools: Microsoft still dominates

Microsoft continues to dominate the developer tools space, and Visual Studio Code remains the IDE of choice for most developers. About 74% of the 71,010 respondents use Visual Studio Code, a slight increase from 71% in 2021. Visual Studio dropped to 32%, with IntelliJ and Notepad++ coming in 3rd and 4th.

5 Cloud platform: AWS’s status is unshakable

AWS is not just the most used cloud platform, it’s also the most loved cloud platform. Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud came in second and third.

6 Operating Systems: Little Change in Rankings

The OS rankings were little changed, with Windows winning for both personal and professional use, but for professional use, Linux came in second with a 40 percent response rate over macOS’ 33 percent. Most notable is the growth of the Windows Subsystem for Linux, which currently accounts for 14% of personal use, up from just 3% in 2021.

7 Version control systems: Git is far ahead

The StackOverflow team introduced a new category for version control systems this year, and unsurprisingly, Git got a whopping 94% of the data. As StackOverflow says, no other technology is as widely used as Git, especially among professional developers, and SVN comes in at a paltry 5%. But 17% of beginners say they don’t use a version control system.

8 Web 3 technologies: The result is a tripod

According to the survey, developers are confused about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and decentralization, with about 32% in favor, 31% in disapproval, and 26% indifferent, showing a three-pronged situation.

9 Wage changes: generally improved

The survey shows that developer salaries have generally increased since 2021. The report shows that the average median salary has increased by about 23%. Flow, COBOL, Couchbase and IBM Cloud/Watson have increased more, of which COBOL has increased. At most, the median annual salary jumped from $52,340 to $75,592.

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