State Office: Planning to build a number of urban duty-free shops with Chinese characteristics

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Pinwan, April 25th, according to Jiemian News, the General Office of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Further Unleashing Consumption Potential and Promoting the Sustained Recovery of Consumption”, which proposed to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the consumption platform.

Accelerate the cultivation and construction of international consumption center cities. Actively build a number of regional consumption centers, improve infrastructure and service environment, and enhance circulation efficiency and consumption carrying capacity. Support qualified regions to cooperate with foreign (overseas) institutions to build foreign-related consumption zones by relying on free trade pilot zones. Encourage all regions to build a group of consumer clusters with complete facilities, rich formats, healthy and green in an orderly manner around the themes of commerce, culture, tourism, sports, etc., promote the renovation of existing pedestrian street facilities and format upgrades in a steady and orderly manner, and actively develop smart business districts. Promote the construction of a quarter-hour convenient living circle in the city, and optimize the allocation of community life and consumption service complexes. High-level activities such as “China Brand Day” and National Consumption Promotion Month will be well organized. Support all regions to establish a normalization mechanism for promoting consumption, and cultivate a number of characteristic activity brands. Continue to hold the China International Import Expo, the China Import and Export Fair, the China International Fair for Trade in Services, and the China International Consumer Goods Fair. Improve the city’s duty-free shop policy, and plan to build a number of city duty-free shops with Chinese characteristics.

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