Still life: fruit basket on the table

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German-Swiss painter Ottilie W. Rodstein (1859-1937) was one of the outstanding female artists of the 1900s. After training in Zurich, Berlin and Paris, she moved to Frankfurt am Main between 1891 and 1909, when she and her partner, the gynaecologist Elisabeth Winterhalter, settled in the neighbouring Hoof in the Taunus Mountains Heim. As a freelance portrait painter, Rodstein is a firmly established name in the male-dominated art world, and she confidently defies prevailing social benchmarks. Her multifaceted work reflects many modernist tendencies, from academic art and experiments with Old Master tempera to the stylistic techniques of Impressionism, Symbolism and Neo-Objectivism. Despite her extensive exhibitions and momentary reputation, she is virtually unknown to this day.

True…the still life is almost full of energy, because Rodstein is playing a radical game with the principles of color theory. Unconstrained, blue hits yellow, red hits green. Opposing colors reinforce each other to achieve their full brilliance. The different structures of baskets, fruits, fabrics and wallpaper surfaces create exciting effects. Only a smooth white tablecloth can give the eyes a rest.

Thanks to the Stadler Museum , we are able to present today’s work, where you can visit Rodstein’s exhibition titled Self Determined until October 16, 2022, a 75-piece A comprehensive retrospective of painting and drawing.

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58.6 x 79 cm

Städel Museum

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