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△ 315|The stream of consciousness is cut off

Yesterday’s “Shape” did not have a specific source of inspiration. It was only because of seeing the fog outside the window that the content was extended due to the fog.

Since the 500-day writing plan started this year, I once thought that I would never be able to write “stream of consciousness” again. First, before starting the 500-day writing plan, I hadn’t written anything seriously for nearly three years. The brain has been seriously corroded for a long time, let alone capturing the subconscious, I can’t even control the conscious mind to serve the writing better.

Basically what was written before, although there is no clear outline, there is probably a logic that controls which direction it should go. Even if there is a self-refutation in it, at least the writing is under the control of consciousness. But when I got up early yesterday to complete the daily writing, there was no inspiration frame, no logic, and even the completion of it did not use consciousness, and it was completely processed into words by the subconscious stream of consciousness. After writing, I felt that I once thought that I would no longer be able to write stream-of-consciousness text, but I did not expect to regain control of the subconscious.

So I did an experiment on myself and halfway through writing I felt like I was going downstairs for breakfast and for the time being I didn’t think about anything I was doing about my daily writing. After eating and drinking, I went back to the computer again, and the flow of consciousness that was cut off came together again. It could continue. A beam of sunlight that lasted outside the window completely penetrated the thick fog, and the day in the city was restored to its own. in rhythm. The fog was like my sudden stream of consciousness, short-lived, psychedelic, and unpredictable. It covered the familiar scenery with an obscure abstraction, giving the originally figurative world more abstract thinking. For example, those tall buildings have become concrete forests, and the black round tables have become coffins.

I was a little excited after writing it because I could capture the subconscious mind that is constantly processing and translate it into words and frame it in the so-called logic.

Dialogue with the subconscious mind, whether it is writing, painting or other arts, or even spiritual practice, practice requires the identification, guidance and even control of the subconscious mind. I have participated in some spiritual classes, and every time the host is asking everyone to close their eyes and start meditating, I will peek at everything around me, and then look for people like me who can’t really enter the state of meditation. At least I’m not, not only can I not enter the so-called meditation, I can’t even take a deep breath to focus on the breath, because the visual brain is temporarily turned off, and I will be sensitive to sounds, smells, and subtle emotions in the air. The fluctuations create a very strong tactile sensation.

Those who try to enter a meditative state in vain will also leak out, an uncomfortable posture that has to switch movements in the moment, or an uncontrollable nasal congestion, or inadvertently inhaling too much while taking a deep breath. Keep up with the rhythm of exhaling…

Did they really go into meditation? I don’t think so, but everyone said they saw nature, the universe, and even the gods. After all, they need to hold a group, don’t let yourself become a “heretic” in this group of “meditation success”. But to be honest, if you really want to be able to control your subconscious mind, you need to undergo a long period of training in order to recognize the emotions, feelings, and even predictions that your subconscious mind wants to express.

I wrote it here today, it is rare to be lazy.

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