Suitable for domestic use of two-factor authentication applications: Microsoft Authenticator

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Suitable for domestic use of two-factor authentication applications: Microsoft Authenticator

Recently, Github, Microsoft, Oracle and other platforms have forced users to turn on two-factor verification! After turning on two-factor verification, the security level of your account is higher. Prevent losses caused by account theft.

Some children’s shoes have discovered that major foreign websites support two-factor authentication. Why is it rarely heard of in China?

In fact, another two-factor authentication method has been launched in China very early? For example: mobile phone verification code, voice verification code, face recognition, fingerprint recognition…

There are so many advanced methods abroad, why not use them? Instead, use such a “low-level” two-factor authentication application?

Well, you know…

Here is a software I recommend that I often use: Microsoft Authenticator

Similar types include: Authy, Google Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, 1Password, FreeOTP, etc.

According to market research , Google Authenticator accounts for 48% of the market and Microsoft Authenticator accounts for 12%.

Why choose Microsoft Authenticator?


  1. Increased security : With multi-factor authentication, users can add an extra verification step when logging into their account, greatly improving account security. Even if the account’s password is compromised, the attacker still needs to pass a second level of verification to access the account.
  2. Convenience : For authenticated devices, Microsoft Authenticator can achieve fast and convenient one-click login. Users can log in to their accounts without entering a password, achieving a balance between security and convenience.
  3. Compatibility : This application can be used not only for Microsoft services, but also for other services that support multi-factor authentication, such as Google, Facebook, etc., with a wide range of applications.
  4. Coping with network blockade : In China, some foreign services may not be accessible due to network blockade, but using applications like Microsoft Authenticator can enhance users’ ability to use various services in complex network environments.
  5. Offline access : Microsoft Authenticator also supports generating OTP (one-time password) without a network connection, which is very beneficial for users in areas with unstable or no network.
  6. Backup and synchronization : Users can back up verification information to the cloud, so that even if they change devices, they can easily restore all account verification information, avoiding the trouble of manually adding them one by one.
  7. No mobile phone number required : Many other verification applications require users to bind their mobile phone numbers, but Microsoft Authenticator allows users to set up the application using only their email account, which is suitable for users who are unwilling to provide their mobile phone numbers.
  8. Free : Microsoft Authenticator is completely free, so users don’t have to pay anything to use this app that enhances account security.

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download link

Official download:

Or search and install in major application markets

Give a chestnut

Here we mainly introduce the process of turning on two-factor verification on Github!

Log in to your account and visit the address:

Click [Enable two-factor authentication]


Start Microsoft Authenticator and click the [+] in the upper right corner

Select another account, scan the QR code on the webpage, and add it successfully.

Click on the newly added account, a set of numbers will appear, enter Verify the code from the app in the text box


The web page displays multiple sets of data, and this wave of data must be saved. In case the two-factor verification fails due to other reasons, retrieve your account and use it!


Two-factor verification is activated successfully!


Final summary

1. It is not recommended to use two-factor authentication applications produced by major manufacturers that only target their own services.

2. Be sure to choose a two-factor authentication application with cloud backup and synchronization.

3. When building your own two-factor authentication, be sure to pay attention to backup issues.

4. After binding two-factor authentication, the website usually has a cover-up plan. For example, this article’s github set of text must be saved! !

5. Two-factor verification increases the security level but is not real security! Good Internet habits are important! !

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