Who is the father of Chinese consulting?

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Who is the father of Chinese consulting?

Wang Fuqiang


Yesterday, someone mentioned this topic in the group. It originated from someone saying, “The father of Chinese consulting is Yao Guangxiao.” But if you calculate it that way, Yao Guangxiao may be too far behind, and the Ming Dynasty is not even ranked in Chinese history;)

To talk about the father of consulting, we must first define the nature of “consulting”. For someone like Yao Guangxiao, in principle, I don’t think it can be considered consulting. Although he went to the temple after work, he still received a salary from the court and was in an employment relationship. , and moving forward, Jiang Ziya/Guan Zhong/Sun Bin/Wu Zixu/Fan Li/Kong Ming/Yao Guangxiao/…, actually all belong to this category. Maybe they had short-term consulting and consulting experience before “confirming the relationship”, but their subsequent achievements are based on above the affiliation. Therefore, titles such as military advisor/staff officer/prime minister/prime minister may be more suitable for them.

Although Kong Mengmo and others have consulting qualities, they are still not completely consulting. After all, business or market economy may not be very good at that time;)

The advantage of Confucius and Mencius is that he has an independent value proposition and intellectual system, but it is difficult to form a sustainable consulting business. Therefore, in the end, he either engages in “non-government” education or enters a research institute (Jixia Academy). In short, he has to I can make some money to make ends meet.

The Mo family can be regarded as military consultants, but they do not receive compensation and provide their own dry food. This is regarded as a volunteer army and cannot be regarded as a formal consulting business.

Therefore, when it comes to consultation, I think there are three things to be sure of:

  1. Non-subordinate relationship (must be an independent and equal entity, or peer relationship)
  2. Have an independent value proposition
  3. Market economy, exchanging knowledge for reward


According to this standard, there are really not many people in Chinese history who seriously regard consulting as a career. Do you have anything to add? ! ?

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