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Florine Stettheimer was an American modernist painter, feminist, theater designer, and poet. Stettheimer developed a feminine style of dramatic painting, depicting her friends and her experiences in New York City. Along with her sisters, Stettheimer graciously hosted social gatherings for prominent figures of New York’s avant-garde culture. These events often provide themes for her paintings, which are full of secondary details. This example commemorates a weekend picnic at the family summer house on the banks of the Hudson River. In the upper right background, Steitheimer works on her easel; in the lower left foreground, photographer Edward Steichen poses and shoots the seated artist Marcel Duchamp. Neglected as unserious art of their time, nearly all of Stettheimer’s paintings remained unsold after her death. Later, the artist’s older sister, Etty – who is wearing a red coat and standing behind Duchamp in this piece – donated much of it to museums, including this work.

Thanks to the Cleveland Museum of Art , we present today’s work.

PS Find out more about Florine Stettheimer’s wild work . One of Stettheimer’s pieces is featured in our 50 Postcard Set of Women Artists, and I must admit, it’s awesome! Check it out here ! <3

128 x 92.5 cm

Cleveland Museum of Art

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