Super easy-to-use mind mapping and flowchart software, Edraw software can easily start the journey of efficient drawing!

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Edraw software is a leader in the domestic office drawing field. Its “Edraw MindMaster” and “Edraw Icon” are two efficient graphic expression tools. The former can transform our complex and disordered thinking, ideas and The information is quickly structured and organized, and the latter supports the easy drawing of 280+ graphic charts such as flowcharts, organizational charts, and network diagrams, which can improve the user’s creative efficiency. @Appinn

超好用的思维导图、流程图软件,亿图软件轻松开启高效绘图之旅! 1

Edraw Brain Map Collaborative Edition

Edraw MindMaster is a professional mind mapping software that supports multi-terminal cloud storage. It has been favored by users for its “multi-terminal cloud storage”, “10W exquisite map template, etc.” features. In this update, on the basis of retaining the powerful professional functions of MindMaster, the Edraw team launched a new product – Edraw Brain Map Collaborative Edition.

1) Multi-person real-time collaboration

Edraw Mind Map Collaborative Edition allows multiple people to view and edit the same mind map in real time, which is suitable for remote team collaboration. In order to allow teams to collaborate better, Edraw Mind Map Collaborative Edition supports the establishment of team groups. Team members can easily share, manage, and edit team files at the same time, making team collaboration more efficient.

超好用的思维导图、流程图软件,亿图软件轻松开启高效绘图之旅! 2

2) Edit online anytime, anywhere

Edraw Mind Map Collaborative Edition does not need to be downloaded, just a browser, everyone can join to view and edit at any time and place. Remote friends can also view the brain map for real-time discussion and communication.

超好用的思维导图、流程图软件,亿图软件轻松开启高效绘图之旅! 3

Of course, the functions of Edraw Brain Map Collaborative Edition are not only the above two points, but there are more highlights waiting for you to experience and discover~

Experience the collaborative version of Edraw Brain Map for free↓↓↓

Free download Edraw MindMaster client ↓↓↓

Not only that, Edraw MindMaster PC version 10.0 will also be launched soon, with new functions such as editing operation bar, two-way link, cross-page search, etc., please look forward to it.

超好用的思维导图、流程图软件,亿图软件轻松开启高效绘图之旅! 4

Edraw icon 12.0 new version

Edraw Diagram is a comprehensive drawing software that supports efficient drawing of 280+ graphic diagrams, including but not limited to flowcharts, network diagrams, organizational charts, UML diagrams, circuit diagrams, etc. The new version 12.0 of this update, on the basis of continuing the high efficiency and intelligence of the previous version, brings forth the new.

超好用的思维导图、流程图软件,亿图软件轻松开启高效绘图之旅! 5

1) The UI has been completely refreshed

In terms of interface design, the 12.0 version of Edraw Icon adopts a new refreshing texture style. At the same time, the design of functional icons such as the top menu bar, sidebar, and symbol library is unified, and the overall look is completely new. In terms of interactive experience, by optimizing the menu structure, the right panel, adding a floating toolbar, and adopting the icon style of icons and text, the user’s learning cost is further reduced, and the user’s drawing efficiency is comprehensively improved.

超好用的思维导图、流程图软件,亿图软件轻松开启高效绘图之旅! 6

2) Add floating toolbar

Edraw icon version 12.0 cancels the right toolbar of previous versions and replaces it with a floating toolbar. Its appearance can bring two major efficiency improvements to users:

First of all, the most intuitive thing for users is that the drawing interface is larger. You can see more information on one screen without dragging the canvas or zooming the page, thereby improving the drawing efficiency.

Second and most importantly, the floating toolbar can be what the user thinks. When the user selects a symbol, the system will evoke a floating toolbar around the symbol. The toolbars evoked by different symbols are different, including but not limited to bold fonts, graphics Shortcut tools such as filling and symbol alignment directly omit the link of selecting among many tools before, further improving office efficiency.

超好用的思维导图、流程图软件,亿图软件轻松开启高效绘图之旅! 7

Download Edraw Icon 12.0 new version now↓↓↓

It is worth mentioning that both Edraw Brain Map and Edraw Icon have a rich template community. The former has accumulated 10W+ exquisite map works.

超好用的思维导图、流程图软件,亿图软件轻松开启高效绘图之旅! 8

Finally, let me tell you a welfare news. Edraw Software is currently doing 618 promotion activities. The software package will drop by up to 120 yuan. At the same time, it will give members of popular software for half a year and peripheral gifts.

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