Switzerland mulls banning electric cars this winter in response to power shortages


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A number of European and American media reported that the Swiss government is formulating emergency plans to deal with the winter energy crisis, drafting power-saving measures including restricting people from traveling by electric vehicles.

Fox News Channel of the United States reported on the 4th that Swiss officials have drafted a number of emergency power reduction measures, which may require people not to travel by electric vehicles unless it is “extremely necessary” when the energy crisis worsens in winter, and may also require shops to reduce operations The duration of the heating period stipulates that the heating temperature of the building shall not exceed 20 degrees Celsius.

Events such as concerts, theater performances and sporting events may also be limited to prevent power outages. The plan under discussion also includes measures such as restricting the use of elevators, turning off holiday decoration lights, disabling blowers to sweep fallen leaves, and suspending cryptocurrency “mining” activities.

According to the British “Daily Telegraph”, Switzerland is “easy to fall into energy shortages” because about 60% of the country’s electricity needs come from local hydropower, and part of it depends on imports; the production of hydropower in winter decreases, and Switzerland relies more heavily on imported energy. This year, the crisis in Ukraine has led to a general shortage of energy supplies in European countries.

After Russia launched a special military operation against Ukraine in February, Western countries imposed severe sanctions on Russia in an attempt to crack down on Russian oil and gas exports, but at the same time caused European countries to tighten energy supplies and soar prices.

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