Not wanting money, Meta threatens to remove news content if new law passes


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[Global Times special correspondent in the United States Zheng KeGlobal Times special correspondent Yu Guo] The United States may pass a bill that allows news organizations to share advertising revenue from online social media. Meta, the parent company of the social media “Facebook”, issued a warning , If the bill is passed, the news content on “Facebook” will be deleted. According to ABC and BBC reports on the 6th, the U.S. Congress is reviewing a proposal called the “Journalism Competition and Protection Act”, which aims to give news organizations greater power. The bill will allow newspapers and other news organizations to jointly Stand up and negotiate with social media such as “Facebook” to get more advertising revenue, so as to achieve fair competition. At present, the bill has received bipartisan support in the United States.

ABC reported that this is an antitrust bill in technology. News organizations said that social media such as “Facebook” made huge profits by reposting news reports, and those news content producers themselves were struggling during the new crown pneumonia epidemic. However, in the view of Meta, the parent company of “Facebook”, this statement is wrong, and said that on the contrary, it brings more traffic to the news organization as the source of information, and reposting the news only brings a lot of news to itself. less income. A spokesperson for Meta said: “If the U.S. Congress passed such an ill-conceived bill, we would have to consider removing news content from the platform entirely.”

The BBC reported that Meta’s warning was not alarmist. In fact, Australia passed a similar bill in March 2021, which caused “Facebook” to suspend its news reprinting business. After facing criticism, Meta struck a deal with the Australian government.

The BBC reported that supporters of the bill said that if the bill fails to pass, then social media will really replace newspapers and news organizations. Some experts bluntly said: “The media industry is being ‘swallowed alive’ by the Internet giants. They dare to threaten Congress like this, which proves the danger of this kind of monopoly.”

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