Real World LLM Obfuscation

Original link: I’ve heard of LM’s deobfucate ability for a while. Like many previous claims of this kind, its real world performance could be far away from extrapolation of what’s shown in the demo (mostly a social media post). I’m curious and love to see it flops. The Experiment Decode minified JavaScript code of […]

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Run Prometheus promtool with WASM

Original link: prometheus-wasm WASM is great but the tooling looks terrifying for no reason. I went into this quick hack worrying about being overwhelmed by the tooling. It turned out to be surprisingly easy. The main hurdle is of course knowing the build process itself, I always appreciate the help of –verbose to report

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My Two Cents on the new Bard

Original link: diffing text None of the four is in the correct answer! (very) basic text processing All previous versions refuse to do the task, maybe due to some legal terms. All non openai models don’t get the “new list” part. Not from Bard, but an interesting example about lead acetate solution being cloudy

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Millions of times

Original link: I was told multiple times that infrastructure should be “upgraded frequently so that upgrading gets easier and easier”, and that’s what my colleagues did. They decided to bump the Meteor version after staying on a very old version for a long time. It did not go well. The building gets super slow,

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