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Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230511-17.html calm days, Uncle Wu got married, serve relatives and friends, Wait until the guests leave to eat the last table. Aunt Fifth is the woman who sells buns, I used to go there a lot when Dad was in the hospital. Uncle Wu was with her, He will also secretly give me …

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Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230504-15.html Is boring, Also very tangled. But that’s not what you should be thinking, I can’t communicate normally anymore. There is no nostalgia anymore. You should be busier so you don’t think about it. This article is transferred from: https://unmei.cn/20230504-15.html This site is only for collection, and the copyright belongs to the original …

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old friend

Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230504-14.html she didn’t disappear, Just working hard silently, Recording my own life in an unknown corner, What reason is there not to work hard? I’m so glad I found her again. Still so “conservation of mass”. Introducing the subject, There is no more to say. It’s really useless, the result has already been …

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Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230503-13.html On the night of the 2nd, My parents went to find a matchmaker for me again. The big sister of victory is also my big aunt, After what happened today, I have declined, I can’t bear them to quarrel, I went anyway. The one I’m going to talk about is diagonally opposite …

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Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230502-12.html an unassigned person, Easily break my original peaceful life, I’ve been careful and careful, Enduring restraint not to touch the feeling of taboo. You are like them, Only care about yourself. you just think, Thinking about how to lead me, Walk into your trap step by step. When I’m really ready, After …

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Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230502-11.html When the script shines into reality, The results were very different. like a beggar, Prayer for alms from others. should not. disgusting, really disgusting, When I went out, I couldn’t help squatting on the ground. Stomach churning, Double nausea in body and mind. I will never go back to that place after …

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the dream

Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230428-9.html On the morning of the 27th, woke up from a dream, There are tears in the corners of the eyes, Very fantastic dream. In the dream a person is about to die, Say goodbye to me. want to touch her, But he couldn’t see her face clearly. Watching her getting farther and …

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Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230427-8.html Relationships require a sense of boundaries, Don’t be a hated person. convergence, That’s what an adult should do. Cherish this hard-won friendship. This article is transferred from: https://unmei.cn/20230427-8.html This site is only for collection, and the copyright belongs to the original author.


Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230427-7.html Parents love to compare. The words I heard the most when I was a child, That is, you look at people. people are different, You want me to look at people, Then you will look at other people’s parents, Will you look at other people’s education? Children are incomparable, Parents are the …

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Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230426-6.html Things like friendship, what should come, will come. It feels so good to get it back. It’s not that I haven’t thought about it, It would feel too abrupt. But she didn’t notice it at first. By this pretext we have reconciled. alright. This article is transferred from: https://unmei.cn/20230426-6.html This site is …

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Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230425-5.html Be careful for a few days, There is still a problem with that file. Unexpected question, I also deliberately watched it several times, Just didn’t notice it there. Long memory this time, the last time. This article is transferred from: https://unmei.cn/20230425-5.html This site is only for collection, and the copyright belongs to …

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Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230424-4.html Recently, okay. It seems to be going well. After the end, everything changed silently, The environment and I are both developing in a good direction. This article is transferred from: https://unmei.cn/20230424-4.html This site is only for collection, and the copyright belongs to the original author.

Welcome to Typecho

Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230424-1.html If you see this article, it means your blog has been successfully installed. This article is transferred from: https://unmei.cn/20230424-1.html This site is only for collection, and the copyright belongs to the original author.