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07.24 Mumbling

Original link: https://unmei.cn/20220724-862.html caught in the morning, Ask me why I didn’t go to work after 8:30. ———— If I don’t tell you when you want to go, Do you go so late every day? You make money just like you do, I am exhausted every day, you are still sleeping at home after noon, …

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Original link: https://unmei.cn/20220717-860.html weather is hot, In addition, the children didn’t exercise much here a few days ago, When people are lazy, it’s not good. I want to be disciplined, disciplined. Not much protein powder left. Wait for the money to buy it, By the way, the old aunt is hospitalized. I knew it a …

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Xiaomi AC2100 flashed into Openwrt

Original link: https://unmei.cn/20220710-853.html Firmware found on Enshan Forum Originally used Pandora. Go back to the official firmware and then flash the breed. Then flash into Openwrt Speed ​​measurement ![](https://ift.tt/xX4uadr) https://ift.tt/amTkVs9 ———— The PassWall is used to stand on the high wall. Balance the load on both lines ![](https://ift.tt/QlMkYSP) ![](https://ift.tt/GDOrNof) This article is reproduced from: https://unmei.cn/20220710-853.html …

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Original link: https://unmei.cn/20220709-849.html By the way, I hung the ladder directly on the router two days ago. So cool. Connecting to wifi can climb over high walls. I still use Xiaomi’s ac2100 now. It’s millet, not red rice, The red rice came out soon after I bought it. The package of Xiaomi ac2100 on the …

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07.05 Gu

Original link: https://unmei.cn/20220705-846.html I went to Sister Luo’s place after get off work yesterday. The manual she made was more troublesome, I made her the background image of the cover, When she went, she had already written the text, It’s probably right. The layout is almost finished. Then this morning, The photovoltaic installation is here …

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Original link: https://unmei.cn/20220704-845.html Take half an hour to clean up the house at noon, I don’t allow dirty spots on the floor I mounded. The room is clean and odorless get! Then continue to lie on the mat to exercise, You have to eat more to have the energy to continue exercising. Nothing special, just …

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06.30 Drive to the first insurance

Original link: https://unmei.cn/20220701-843.html Take mom for maintenance in the morning, Navigating to the store and waiting for more than half an hour, Then it came to me, and sold me the guard plate, maintenance package or something. I didn’t do it, In half a year, the car only ran 1500km, The package is too extravagant …

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06.29 Showers

Original link: https://unmei.cn/20220629-842.html 200 spam comments appeared in one day, This comment management plugin doesn’t work. This article is reproduced from: https://unmei.cn/20220629-842.html This site is for inclusion only, and the copyright belongs to the original author.

06.28 I TM practice practice

Original link: https://unmei.cn/20220628-841.html When I came home for dinner at night, my mother asked me if I had grown again. ah? I should stop growing at 24, why is it still growing. Then take a ruler, Boy, 180 has become 183, You can get to 185 with shoes on. I am really long! ! ! …

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Regarding the fact that the newly unsealed ladder took 10 minutes to be sealed again

Original link: https://unmei.cn/20220626-840.html a sad story, Update the app on the google store, Just try to unblock the ladder ip. It works, but it can’t connect again after half of the update. My ip is being monitored, and people are numb. It’s not good to build it by yourself, it is estimated that you will …

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How to apply for product barcode

Original link: https://unmei.cn/20220625-839.html China Article Numbering Center A single barcode costs 740 yuan, Can be renewed at will. Maintenance fees will be required annually in the later period. This article is reproduced from: https://unmei.cn/20220625-839.html This site is for inclusion only, and the copyright belongs to the original author.


Original link: https://unmei.cn/20220623-837.html It rained last night, The sticks at home were only poured at noon, It rained at night. . . There’s still a lot to do, Temporarily put on the agenda. Started exercising after lunch today. In half an hour, I was sweating all over. I did about 120 stretches on one side, …

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