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wedding date

Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230919-40.html The wedding date has been set, Busy business. The second day of September, Picture later. This article is reproduced from: https://unmei.cn/20230919-40.html This site is only for collection, and the copyright belongs to the original author.

No. 9

Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230910-38.html Yesterday I went to my father-in-law’s house to break sticks. They are all bits and pieces of land, bits and pieces of land, The United Machinery will not collect them, so they can only go to the ground to approve them manually. The starting piece of land is okay; Less than an …

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Recent events

Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230906-37.html one First of all, Xiao Liu resigned. Dissatisfied with the exploitation of the leader, and resigned with salary. Then the work fell to me, Then give me a raise, Let me do the work of two alone. . . two My father-in-law is not in good health, and I always go to …

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Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230823-36.html On the night of the 21st, he told me, She will take turns off on Qixi Festival. I don’t want her to be alone at home, I went to send out the set version in the morning, I went home after 10 o’clock and set off with her to pick up the …

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Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230816-34.html Recently the state is very bad, Hit the car yesterday morning, just downhill where, It’s still the same right headlight. This time the paint peeling was more serious. The cover of the daytime running lights below has been knocked off. Fortunately, the headlight shade was only scratched and not broken. I was …

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Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230812-33.html from the night before yesterday, just uncomfortable, I still have to take care of my wife, I have been holding on. I brought her medicine after get off work yesterday, After dinner, she went back to the house first, I lay on the kang for a while, and my stomach was also …

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milk tea

Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230809-32.html If it weren’t for the reminders from the big sisters in the office, I really forgot that today is Liqiu. No wonder I was told on WeChat that I would drink milk tea after get off work, Little wishes must be arranged, It’s just that the off-duty time is a bit unsatisfactory, …

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no words

Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230629-27.html My aunt passed away, Dad came home at noon yesterday, I asked for leave in the afternoon to send them to Zhangzhuangzi, It rained lightly on the road, After arriving at the place, it was raining just right. After staying for a while, my father let me and my mother go home, …

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Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230628-26.html tired legs, I’m still a road idiot, I walked a few streets in vain, Going around all the time. Long memory next time, Plan before you act. Mom also said yes, will support me. Not to mention the pimples on my face don’t grow much anymore. subside a little, We are all …

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Yan Yan

Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230610-23.html Hot weather, But the nights are always cloudy and cloudy. Dad came home two days ago, Worried that it will rain tonight, The weather before going home was old and gloomy. I’ll be with him Went down to harvest the wheat, Stopped a car on the road, It was agreed, Wait back …

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fast forward

Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230604-22.html ### “My wheat is ripe” It’s time for the dream to end Return to the original life. You can’t stop here in Gensokyo, right? Live better, To find their own. This article is transferred from: https://unmei.cn/20230604-22.html This site is only for collection, and the copyright belongs to the original author.

What’s wrong

Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230601-20.html It was supposed to be a small inspection. It was found that there were polyps in the intestine, I just pulled it down. Hospitalized for three days. I don’t know how much it cost. It was all paid by my sister. I want to go and won’t let me go, Then came …

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Original link: https://unmei.cn/20230525-19.html I was going to write it in a notebook. I came back late yesterday and turned off the lights. The intensity of the work is average, The design looks like a headache. At night Xiao Wu asked me to go out for a walk, Looking at the customs and customs of this …

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