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PyQt5 series tutorial (36) Too much text to be displayed for the label? Then add a scroll bar

Software and hardware environment Windows 10 64bit Anaconda3 with python 3.8 PyQt5 5.15 Introduction By default, when a large amount of text is displayed on a label , the part that cannot be displayed is truncated. At this time, what naturally comes to mind is how to make the text display appear in the form …

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streamlit handles live video

surroundings windows 10 64bit streamlit 1.13.0 streamlit -webrtc 0.43.4 Introduction The previous article introduced Streamlit , an open source library that can quickly create web applications, but streamlit itself is not good at processing real-time audio and video. This article introduces streamlit ‘s extension library, streamlit-webrtc , which can help us easily process and transmit …

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Image stripping based on MediaPipe

surroundings windows 10 64bit mediapipe 0.8.11 Introduction This article introduces another open source project for background removal of pictures, videos and camera images. This project is based on the mediapipe machine learning framework and mainly encapsulates FaceDetection and SelfieSegmentation . In addition, it also provides examples like face detection and image sketching , which is …

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Linux common commands-116: shutdown

shutdown command is used to shut down the system and is equivalent to the halt command. Syntax format: shutdown [parameter] Common parameters Example # 立即关闭系统shutdown -h now # 立即重启系统shutdown -r now # 10分钟后关机,同时发送消息给登录用户shutdown +10 “马上关机啦,赶快保存资料,不然一天白忙啦!” # 设定系统关闭时间也就是定时关机,如20:30 shutdown -h 20:30 # 如果之前设定了定时关机,可以取消shutdown -c This article is reprinted from https://xugaoxiang.com/2022/10/11/linux-cmds-116-shutdown/ This site is for inclusion only, …

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Linux common commands-111: jobs

The jobs command is mainly used to display the list of tasks in the system and their running status. Syntax format: jobs [parameter] [directory] Common parameters: Example # 显示当前的作业列表,这里以top命令为例,执行后按下ctrl+z 将任务放入后台并暂停任务jobs # 显示进程号和任务号,最前面的2就是任务号jobs -l # 只显示暂停的任务jobs -s This article is reprinted from https://xugaoxiang.com/2022/10/10/linux-cmds-111-jobs/ This site is for inclusion only, and the copyright belongs to the original …

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Linux common commands-110: time

The time command is used to measure the time consumed by the execution of a specific instruction and information such as system resources. Such as CPU time, input and output, etc. Syntax format: time [parameter] [command] Example # 显示查看文件夹anaconda3 大小的信息time du -sh anaconda3 This article is reprinted from https://xugaoxiang.com/2022/09/28/linux-cmds-110-time/ This site is for inclusion only, …

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Linux common commands-109: tcpdump

The function of the tcpdump command is to monitor network traffic. It is a commonly used data packet capture software in Linux systems. It can record all data packets passing through the server. The command requires root privileges. Syntax format: tcpdump [parameter] Common parameters: Example # 监听指定网口的数据包sudo tcpdump -i enp0s25 # 监听指定主机的数据包,可以使用ip 地址,也可以域名sudo tcpdump host …

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Linux common commands-107: nslookup

The nslookup command is mainly used to query the DNS information of a domain name. It has two working modes: interactive mode and non-interactive mode. Enter nslookup directly to enter the interactive mode, and the prompt is > . Syntax format: nslookup [parameter] [domain name] Common parameters: Example # 非交互模式下查询nslookup baidu.com # 交互模式下查询nslookup # set …

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Linux common commands-106: nmap

nmap is a network detection and security auditing tool used to scan hosts on the network for information. Syntax format: nmap [parameter] Common parameters: Example # 扫描主机并跟踪路由: sudo nmap –traceroute www.baidu.com # 扫描主机的端口,如80和443 sudo nmap -p80,443 www.baidu.com # 设置端口范围sudo nmap -p1024-10000 # 详细扫描sudo nmap -A # 主机系统探测sudo nmap -sV This article is …

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Linux common commands-105: ifdown

The ifdown command is used to disable the specified network interface. root privileges are required for command execution. Syntax format: ifdown [network interface] Common parameters: Example sudo ifdown eth0 This article is reprinted from https://xugaoxiang.com/2022/09/26/linux-cmds-105-ifdown/ This site is for inclusion only, and the copyright belongs to the original author.