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Windows 11

Original link: As a new system launched by Microsoft, win11 has attracted the attention of many users. It has been more than half a year since I updated the win11 system and it feels very useful~ The win11 system is still easy to use, because the sensory aspect is better than win10 First, let’s […]

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Comment box background

textarea.textarea background:#fdfdfd url(/img/timg.gif) 80% 90%no-repeat; 背景图位置不重复其中0 0代表background-position的值,表示背景图的定位,前后两个分别是横向定位和纵向定位。左上角是0 0。单位是像素(0px 0px) 或任何其他的CSS 单位。如果您仅规定了一个值,另一个值将是50%。 no-repeat为background-repeat的值,可使用的值有repeat、no-repeat、repeat-x、repeat-y、inherit。分别表示水平垂直重复、不重复、仅水平重复、仅垂直重复、继承自父辈元素。 background-size:auto 40%; 设置背景图片大小宽和高 This article is reprinted from: This site is for inclusion only, and the copyright belongs to the original author.

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