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As a new system launched by Microsoft, win11 has attracted the attention of many users. It has been more than half a year since I updated the win11 system and it feels very useful~

The win11 system is still easy to use, because the sensory aspect is better than win10

First, let’s take a look at the win11 interface.

The desktop of win11 gives people a new look.

Maybe because of the wallpaper, the desktop of win11 is brighter and richer than win10.

And the design of win11’s rounded UI also makes win11 look more “soft”, while win10 appears angular.

But win11 is really not as good as win10 in operation. This may be because you are used to using win10, and it is good to get used to it. But I still choose win11, it’s really nice.

Microsoft pushed the official version of Windows 11 on time on October 5, 2021. Small partners who have not received the update push can also go to Microsoft’s official website to download it.

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