Taibang Bio Group completes $300 million in financing

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Chuangyebang was informed that Taibang Bio Group (which was listed on Nasdaq under the stock code “CBPO”) recently reached a financing agreement with a number of investors and formally signed transaction documents. This round of financing totals US$300 million, led by Platinum Orchid, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), and the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC), with participation from China Life Equity and Cinda Kunpeng.

This round of financing is the first financing of Taibang Bio Group since the completion of the privatization transaction by a consortium led by Dazheng Capital in April 2021. It has received strong support from top international and domestic investors, reflecting the capital market’s interest in Taibang Bio Group Highly recognized for the ability and growth potential to create value for shareholders and patients.

After the financing is completed, the capital structure of Taibang Bio Group will be further optimized, which will help to better stand in the domestic market, and obtain more stable and extensive resource support in pulp station expansion, new product research and development, etc., so as to be faster and healthier. To expand the broad development space of the Chinese market.

Dazheng Capital invested in Taibang Bio for the first time in 2018 and is the largest institutional shareholder of Taibang Bio. Medical and health care is one of the key investment directions of Dazheng Capital. It has diversified layouts and flexible forms on the medical investment map, including not only direct investment in growth-stage projects, but also holding-type transactions. Based on the industry insights accumulated by the team for many years and the judgment of macro trends, Dazheng Capital adheres to the investment philosophy of operation improvement and value creation, continues to invest in the medical field, and has completed a number of medical project investments.

Founded in 2002, Taibang Bio Group is an advanced comprehensive blood products and biopharmaceutical enterprise. Its core business includes the research and development, production and sales of blood products and biological products. Taibang Bio Group has a blood product production base with advanced technical standards; has a high-quality R&D team and blood product R&D laboratory; has three categories covering albumin, immunoglobulin and coagulation factors, 10 approved categories, more than 20 Product line of regulated blood products.

In addition, the group’s non-blood products business segment has a number of product production lines such as placental polypeptides, artificial dura mater, artificial dura mater, artificial nerve sheath, and aponeurosis, as well as a full line of products in the field of neurosurgery under the German Zeppelin brand. The products cover most of the provincial medical markets in mainland China.

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