Take a moment to affirm yourself

Most people praise and criticize themselves every day. Their view of themselves is strict and harsh. No wonder people are often exhausted and discouraged.

Suppose you have children or employees, and you always open your mouth and criticize them harshly. How does this affect their motivation and self-perception?

If we can encourage ourselves from time to time, affirm our efforts, and praise our shining points, what will our day be like?

Today, I suggest and encourage you to take a few minutes to affirm yourself.

  • What have you done recently that made yourself proud? (No matter how small it counts)
  • What do you love about yourself?
  • What can you be grateful for about yourself?

Answer these questions seriously.

If you find this helpful, try it every day, be grateful for yourself, and try what it’s like to be self-affirming on a regular basis.

Translated from “Take a moment to acknowledge yourself” by Leo Babauta

 2022-04-19 初稿

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