Take advantage of the end of July, just talk about some recent things.

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Hi, long time no see, I am still the lijiakaijun you are familiar with

Uh, it is now 18:08 on July 30, 2022, please allow me to go to the toilet first, and then continue to write the nonsense I want to write (surely)

Ah well, it’s 20:40 on July 30, 2022

What about me now, sitting by the coffee table in the living room, looking at the computer with glasses on

As for why I wear glasses, because my computer keyboard is broken, so I have an external keyboard

The external connection is ok, I put it on the original keyboard

But the problem is, when I sit on the low chair, no matter how I put it or how I adjust it, I never experience a comfortable typing experience.

So I put the keyboard down

As for why my keyboard is broken, I can only say that I have a lot of hands.

Who tm will dismantle the keyboard when it’s okay, and also break the unknown thing that fixes the keyboard cable.

So just buy a keyboard

fixed? az, forget it, lazy

Connect the keyboard above, someone may find that I mentioned the word “wearing glasses”

I didn’t mention it in my previous post, did I?

By the way, the glasses that were only fitted this year are probably from March to May.

After all, the glasses have reached the level of not being able to see the blackboard, and I am also sitting in the last row

I have used some methods before (including but not limited to squeezing tears), but it is almost useless now

It’s better to wear glasses to class honestly, even if I can’t see clearly sometimes

But that’s not my reason to sleep in math class (nod

Although I don’t feel my myopia is that serious…?

(You let me stand with my feet up, it’s a little uncomfortable to have my legs lying down)

Okay, I just finished talking about glasses, now what I want to say… I want to go down

Oh yes, there are a bit more exams this semester than last semester

For example, two mock exams, two third- and second-section exams, one district unified exam, and two final exams

To be honest, I was surprised that there was a district exam…

As for the third and second section exams…the Chinese and computer basics, I have forgotten the details and other things. 2333

This semester also signed up for the computer first-level MS Office certificate

Although the registration time is quite sunny (referring to the examination at 10:00 on the day of the district unified examination, the subsequent mathematics and eating and sleeping time have been delayed)

Let’s say it’s a rush for places. I can easily get the exam machine seat of this school. Let’s say I will take it. A lot of people can’t log in to the system.

Some people use WeChat to apply for the website, and it is strange if there are no bugs, so Zhang Xiaolong ___

As for the other teaching arrangements for this semester, I also forgot, although I vaguely remember that there is an open Photoshop class.

Does it count for new chairs?

It’s 21:06. I didn’t take a bath yesterday, so I went to take a bath today. Let’s take medicine by the way.

see you later

ok…it’s 00:00 the next day

As for why it was delayed until now, I continued to write this thing, because I just had something to do, and then I wanted to cancel my telegram account.

So I took a mobile phone number to test whether the created sticker pack disappeared after logout

As a result, no. It’s just that there is no editing permission for sticker packs

(Since your telegram can provide bot transfer to other accounts, why does the sticker pack not provide transfer?)

Then I transferred the bot, and the transfer process went smoothly

But then there is a problem, because my bot has rss push, so I have to edit it

This is simple, because I use inkrss , so I just need to edit it locally, then deploy, complete

But the problem lies in this editing…because I don’t know how many times I have reinstalled the system, so I must have lost the original file

So what should I do, I can only reconfigure it once and then try to overwrite it.

Then I stepped on the pit… First, NOTIFIER was not filled in, and then SECRET_PATH was hit / resulting in An unexpected error occurred error

(see the issue of returning error #2 after deployment )

Although it must be debugged in the end and then re-subscribed…

Hmm…41 Subscriptions

As for why you want to cancel your telegram account, it’s complicated and grotesque and doesn’t make sense.

So I won’t mention it here, it’s related to someone I know anyway

But I’ve already cut ties with him in March, and I’ll probably cut it off completely in June, for me

Although he still won’t let me go

I can understand this, after all, I made the pot myself, and I can’t rely on others, right?

Can only wait for time to give me and him an answer

I hope so

Speaking of him, I’m reminded of my twitter account

Probably since October 2019, I have used about six numbers for registration.

Except the seventh number is not for me

Then in March of this year, my sixth issue announced “dormancy”

It probably means suspending activities, although there is a mention of “see you in the next account”

Although after announcing dormancy, I do need to continue to watch Twitter for a few days and then slowly reduce the frequency to adapt

Well, in the end… it worked? But what does it mean to have a comeback recently?

Although I deleted the tweets in batches in May, I re-tweeted it to say good night to everyone.

But my first account still works fine

(You can understand that after separating the two purposes of “following the vtuber circle” and “interacting with people in the push circle”, I put the latter one to perform a pause operation)

Of course, I will still send birthday congratulation tweets in August, but now I worry about whether to send it to the first account or the account just mentioned here)

Here I also thank those who have supported me on twitter, thank you

しみってWho is it?


—— “Aironi” Kano

It’s 00:29 now, and I’m posting on the loop of Shikano’s アイロニ (station b)

Seriously, I feel like I started listening to Kano’s merry merry in 2019, and then to the looping playlist in 2020 (although Kano’s proportion is mostly just that)

And then to now… Mainly rely on the video cache of station B? Anyway, I have cached the covers of Mea and Aqua now, and other people’s second creations (referring to tuning or something)

Philosophically, I recommend the meaqua tuning of yuyuyzl by the way, the collection is here

Well, the sugar maker is here, thank you yuyuyzl (escape

(turn on typewriter mode)

In addition to yuyuyzl’s meaqua tuning, I have also paid attention to some UP masters who cover music recently.

(Are you sure there are some and not one?)

The words here are because there are relatively few attention (about three)

So here I recommend Lunai , Bingtu w and Suona

So when will the lock be submitted (

Of course, QQ Music has been cancelled, so now we mainly rely on NetEase Cloud Music

Lately I’m also trying to listen to some other songs and add them to my loop list

But even so, the proportion of Lunai is still quite high (even the top three songs are Lunai hahahaha)

Although I changed the name of my NetEase cloud account for some reasons, I was supposed to cancel it, but it is about to be unbound.

But I was still reluctant, and then gave up and cancelled.

Well that’s it, not outrageous, very logical, right)

Oh yes, before the end of this section, let me remind Jay Chou’s new album by the way

Although I’m not interested in this album, the MV for “The Greatest Work” looks interesting

B station also has it, you can see it by searching, enojy it.

Now I am contributing to the Stella-rium of Luna , it is very hi (fog

Ah no, it should be a strong sense of rhythm (fog

It’s 00:59

After writing the above part, I reply to others with my own rss subscription address

And then, I remembered my website and domain name.

Now I have registered three domain names, one paid domain name and two free domain names.

At the beginning of this year, there are plans to transfer the domain name lijiakaijun.cyou to namesilo

I’ve been procrastinating

Maybe the migration will start in May? Seems to be

As a result, the migration costs money, well, no money at the moment 2333

Anyway, the migration was successful in the end. I feel that Qianpan provided funds to allow me to migrate the domain name and get a one-year renewal.

Well though I have no plans to run this blog after 2023

After the domain name expires in about 2024, it will not be renewed

This is probably the end of his online career.

It is currently planned that the closing and exchange work will begin after the release of the 2022 year-end summary.

The ending is easy to understand. After all, I have exchanged a bunch of friendly links and something, and added it to the list of Chinese independent blogs , right?

When the time comes, I will notify you to delete the friend chain or something, and then say hello to @saveweb to help submit the blog backup to archive.org or something.

Oh, as for the github repository of blog, I haven’t planned how to deal with it yet.

Maybe you want to keep the warehouse private and not save the contents of this warehouse.

After all, it is enough to have a website backup, and there is no need to backup the warehouse or something (seems?

As for the exchange, it is probably the core idea of ​​the blog, “Just write and write…” inheritance and exchange to the next blogger?

What kind of exchange is this, it is better to say that it is inheritance.

If I remember correctly, the next one should be Qianpan, um


Maybe you wonder what you’re futures gonna be but

I got it all locked up

—— 【Minato-Akuya】Take Over – Unstoppable

Connect to the above website

Now, maybe this year I will decide to change the name

And now I also invite someone to write an article together, it depends on whether he is willing to write and what to write

The author of this article will add his name together

And now, if you have your own channels, probably all of them will be handed over to ta for management.

Although I will continue to broadcast or something, right?

I also hope… how do you say

In any case, I still hope to continue to support us, eh

So, Qianpan, when will you go out and talk to your friends instead of asking me to go face-to-face on your behalf?

Replacing it twice

It is now 01:31 on July 31, 2022

Well, probably basically there is nothing to say, everything that needs to be said has been said.

Maybe if there is more in the future, I will open a new article to supplement it, or continue to write this article?

This summer vacation this year, it’s really free and really boring, so boring that I don’t even know what to do, right?

Then I can only wish him good luck over there in Qianpan, right? , next time you must force him to write an article

I probably don’t have much to say about the rest. I can’t help it if it’s rotten, so I can only wish myself good luck.

The last word is to thank you in front of the screen for being able to see here, watch me say about 3100 words of nonsense, haha

So, see you in the next article

we are time travelers


climber of time


in hide-and-seek with time

away from you

happy crying sad laughing

Your heart has surpassed itself

—— 【Minato あくあ】なんでもないや/ No big deal 【Cover】

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