TAL launches 2023 campus recruitment, with technical positions accounting for over 50%

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Job Recruitment | TAL launches 2023 campus recruitment, with over 50% of technical positions

Author: Xiaoyaozi Release time: 2022-08-02 15:15

Job Recruitment | TAL launches 2023 campus recruitment, with over 50% of technical positions

Author: Xiaoyaozi Release time: 2022-08-02 15:15


On August 1, TAL announced the launch of 2023 campus recruitment, opening nearly 200 positions in five categories, including live broadcast operations, content products, technology research and development, product design, and teacher teaching and research, for 2023 graduates at home and abroad. Among them, technical research and development positions account for more than 50%, and live broadcast operations and content products are the first positions opened this year.

Pursue innovation and vitality, with new employees accounting for 50%

In 2022, the number of college graduates in my country will exceed 10 million for the first time, and both the scale and increment will hit a record high. At the same time, with the challenges brought by the normalization of the global epidemic and the transformation of the industry, “cultivating talents” has become the focus of enterprise development.

With the theme of “New and Better Future”, TAL launched this autumn campus recruitment to provide 2023 graduates at home and abroad with positions such as live broadcast operation, content products, technology research and development, product design, teacher teaching and research. The positions are distributed in Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Beijing, Xi’an and other places, with nearly 200 positions. This campus recruitment is divided into two stages. The first stage was launched on August 1, opening up positions such as live broadcast operation, technology research and development, product design, etc., mainly by submitting resumes online; the second stage was launched in early September, with open content Products, teachers, teaching and research positions are mainly based on campus lectures.

Since its establishment, TAL has always attached great importance to innovation and the development of talents, and the demand for “talent” and “young and energetic” has remained high. In the past three years, the proportion of fresh graduates among the new employees of TAL Group is very high, reaching 45%-50%.

In terms of talent training, TAL has a complete internal training system to help each graduate grow through professional channels and management channels. “In TAL, after the fresh graduates enter the job, there are many school principals, project leaders and core business backbones who have grown up through internal training. According to Wei Chen, vice president of human resources at TAL, “stimulating, awakening and encouraging” is not only about The starting point of TAL’s education is also the foundation of cultural system and talent training, “We hope that the whole atmosphere can make young people feel interesting, respected and empowered. “

More creative opportunities for fresh graduates

Compared with previous years, TAL’s campus recruitment this year has obvious innovations and differences in job requirements. This year is the first time that TAL has launched job recruitment for live broadcast operations, 3D art, and intelligent content planning.

Nowadays, domestic education companies are actively transforming, and TAL has also adjusted its business and organization in a timely manner, looking for new business pivots and growth paths. In 2021, TAL’s Xueersi Online School and Xueersi Peiyou will comprehensively upgrade the literacy system, and launch popular literacy courses such as humanistic and aesthetic education, scientific creativity, programming and robotics. The current Xueersi Literacy Center focuses on cultivating children’s ability to face the future through the construction of innovative classrooms of experiential, group, theme and project type. At the same time, TAL is preparing more overseas campuses, mainly in Southeast Asia, North America, New Zealand and Australia and other regions and countries.

In terms of technical capabilities, TAL is the contractor for a new generation of artificial intelligence open innovation platform for smart education. In terms of business, it is also continuing to explore non-educational categories such as technology services, smart hardware, and life sciences.

With the rapid iteration and development of new businesses, new talent needs arise. For example, the short video platform has become a new frontier for the inclusive dissemination of knowledge at home and abroad. TAL is recruiting talents who love education and have strong English skills in live broadcast operations, editors and directors… For these emerging positions, TAL has prepared corresponding training systems. , to open a broader career development channel for new young people.

In 2022, TAL has gone through 19 years and has established a smart content ecosystem covering all age groups. “Scientific and technological innovation is our core theme, and love gives us more responsibilities. We hope to create a better life together with more outstanding talents.” Wei Chen said that TAL will continue to strive for innovation to prepare for the fresh graduates Students provide more growth and creative work opportunities.

Resume delivery channel

TAL’s official website: http://job.100tal.com/yjszw

Email: [email protected]

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