Talented people come out from generation to generation——Speech with some scientists, experts and interns at the Symposium on Innovation Pioneers of Academia Sinica

I am not a scientist or an expert in electronics. Even if I had a little understanding of engineering technology in the past, the gap between today’s level and the level is huge. Talking to you today, I will not be uneasy. If you say something wrong, you can criticize it on the spot. After all, you are the ones who are at the forefront of science and technology. It is not shameful for me to be wrong. After all, there is still a big gap between us. Perhaps it is not the generation gap between us, or even the generation of “sea” and generation of “foreign”. In any case, I think it is still necessary to communicate with everyone bravely, move forward together, overcome difficulties, and dare to walk in the forefront of the times.

1. Yan (Noah’s Ark Laboratory): On the one hand, the company requires experts to participate in the battle on the battlefield, and on the other hand, it needs to “pierce the sky and get to the roots”, we understand and support it. But in actual implementation, we find that these two goals are sometimes not unified. Participating in the battle, there is no time to pierce the sky; the technology of “piercing the sky and taking root” may not be applied to the product to participate in the battle for a long time. Can Mr. Ren give us some guidance in this regard?

Mr. Ren: The company is not composed of one person, some people do this and some do that, so there will be no personal split. Company documents are for the group, not for everyone.

First, as scientists who study cutting-edge technologies, there are two paths for you to choose in the future: one is to follow the path of scientists, to do theoretical research on the endless frontiers of science, and to create new knowledge in the direction of the company’s vision and assumptions; It is to take the road of experts and take a “scalpel” to participate in our commercialization battles of “killing pigs” and “digging coal”.

The first is the path of scientists. Those who are engaged in basic scientific theoretical research are scientists. Those who have just entered the door and are not yet mature can be called intern scientists; those who have found the doorway and have made small achievements but have not yet made breakthroughs can be called assistant scientists; those who have made a few breakthroughs can be called scientists; those who have outstanding achievements in a certain area can be called the chief of a certain area. the scientist. If you don’t compare social titles, you won’t feel uneasy. Our scientists are a kind of code for a meal ticket; a scientist in society is a symbol of social honor. We have more people receiving meal tickets, which shows that we are strong in troops and strong in combat. Therefore, we are not afraid of many scientists.

“Science, the endless frontier”, where is the frontier? Where is the mystery of the future? We don’t know. Therefore, we cannot quantify the achievements made by scientists, and even our “scientist management team” and “expert management team” cannot evaluate, nor can we guide the theoretical achievements made by scientists. For those who follow the path of scientists, we have advocated that the treatment of Tsinghua professors should be used to measure your academic contributions. As a result, the Xinsheng community scolded me for not paying attention to theoretical research. In fact, it’s not that we don’t pay attention to theory, it’s just that we have no way to quantify the future mysteries explored by scientists compared to the expert route. For more than ten years, if the company did not attach importance to basic science and research, did not have in-depth cooperation with the world’s leading scientists, and did not attach importance to basic researchers, it would be impossible to have such a strong accumulation of theoretical technology and engineering today. The pressure and blockade, the existing problems may not be resolved. If everyone does not agree with the treatment standard of Tsinghua University professors, it also shows that our evaluation system is not advanced enough. I dreamed of becoming a student of Tsinghua University, but I never realized it in my life. I use “Professor from Tsinghua University” as an analogy to our scientists who do purely theoretical basic research. I think that is a kind of honor. But if you still don’t accept it, it means you are greater, the times have progressed, and we are behind.

The second is to take the expert path and use the basic theory you have mastered to solve practical business problems. Take your “scalpel” to participate in our “killing pig” battle, and quantify the evaluation according to the “pig”‘s hypertrophy, the value of key breakthroughs, and the size of the “battle”. Have the opportunity to be promoted to “Lieutenant General” according to military exploits. This is the standard of the US military. The status of the Chief Master Chief is equivalent to that of a lieutenant general, and our country is equivalent to the brigade and regiment level.

Basic research driven by curiosity and applied research driven by commercial value may also combine to create both scientific knowledge and commercial value. That’s the “Pasteur Quadrant” innovation championed by Professor Stokes at Princeton University in the 1990s, and it’s why last year’s new Endless Frontiers Act proposed reorganizing the U.S. Science Foundation into a Science and Technology Foundation.

We must open our minds, free our minds, and dare to attract the best talents in the world. The company is in a critical period of strategic survival and development, and it is impossible to charge without talents. Don’t put too much emphasis on professionalism, as long as he is good enough, he is willing to take a “scalpel” to participate in our battle of “killing pigs”. We must open our minds, build our foundations in diversity, avoid monogenic thinking, and allow paranoia. It is necessary to change the idea of ​​recruiting global talents with a unified salary system in the past, to benchmark the salary of the local talent market, and to provide a sufficiently attractive salary package for senior talents. To attract top talents in the United States, we must follow the salary standards of the American talent market. If we want to win in the future, we must recruit people who are better than ourselves. We must be in line with international standards, and we must be high in the local country. Only in this way can we attract the best talents.

Let us recall that in the past two years that we have been suppressed by the United States, the human resources policy has never changed. Salaries and bonuses have been paid normally. Not only is the company not chaotic, but it is more united internally, attracting more talents to join our queue. Abandoned the constraints, more bold and courageous to achieve more breakthroughs, with leading confidence and courage. Why? Because we are solving the problems one by one, batches of people with solid theoretical foundations are “contributing to the army”, holding “scalpels” and joining the battle of “killing pigs”. For example, a few talented teenagers joined the coal mine army and used 5G in reverse to make the underground information more high-definition and more comprehensive; the use of Huang Danian’s density method to solve the problem of identifying the coal mine water storage layer will generate huge value in the future.

Of course, whether to take the road of scientists or the road of experts, everyone chooses according to their actual situation. During the outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, many outstanding college students joined the battlefield. Individuals are like a jigsaw puzzle in this society. You are only one piece, and many pieces are spelled out to form a big fan. A propaganda poster was posted in the cafeteria. A 16-year-old expeditionary soldier on the battlefield was interviewed by an American reporter: “Will China win?” “China will definitely win.” “When China wins, you What are you going to do?” “I was killed in battle by then.” Isn’t this the zeitgeist of our Huawei today? During the heavy snowfall in Moscow in 1941, hundreds of thousands of Soviet Red Army troops gathered in a hurry and were in chaos to parade on Red Square. The chaotic team bravely passed through the Red Square. today. Haven’t we also reacted from the chaotic panic two years ago to form today’s majestic, chaotic and powerful array?

Second, we also have to look for “thin and fat” people, like von Neumann, who can solve both theoretical and practical problems. Yesterday I joked with He Tingbo and Cha Jun: “The more you teach, the more ‘thin’ you become, the more you kill pigs, the fatter you become.” There is another type of talent between “thin” and “fat”. They have very high academic literacy and are good at solving engineering problems. They can be professors and kill pigs with scalpels. How can you kill a pig without being “thin”? How can you be “fat” without killing pigs? How do people who are “thin and fat” evaluate? There is a valuable evaluation system for purely theoretical research. People who go into the engineering field also have an evaluation system. For those who have both theory and practice, we don’t have an evaluation system yet. Can Huawei create an evaluation system?

We will open a “Science and Engineering History” column in the Xinsheng community to tell the key moments of the growth of “fat”, “thin”, international and domestic scientists and engineers to inspire the thoughts of our 200,000 people, Blast the brains of young people. Why I used to write articles specifically to emphasize that “Watt was just a boiler repairman at the University of Glasgow”, he was not the original inventor of the steam engine, but only improved it. We should not be entangled in whose originality; we should not only respect the originality, but also make outstanding contributions in the process from the originality to the product. The person who has been borrowed from it is also glorious. His little spark was ignited by us. A raging fire. Those who make contributions in stages, don’t worry about how the work points are calculated, the contributions are placed there, and they can’t run away. From dog’s tail grass to rice, it was domesticated by the ancients thousands of years ago. Crossbreeding is one way, Yuan Longping promoted the high yield in the middle section without losing his greatness. We must dare to step on the shoulders of our predecessors. The predecessors, including your deskmates and colleagues. It is to get rid of superstition, emancipate the mind, open the shackles, and employ talents in different styles, so that we can also make great scientific inventions and realize major projects.

2. Dong (Data Center Technology Laboratory): The projects I am in charge of are mainly future-oriented technology research, but the implementation cycle is long. Can Mr. Ren talk about the balance between “survival” and “having a future” from the perspective of company strategy?

Mr. Ren: Some theories and papers have been published, and they may not be effective until one or two hundred years later. For example, we now know the enormous social value of genes to humans, but in 1860 Mendel’s ideas and experiments were so advanced that even scientists of that era could not keep up with Mendel’s thinking. Mendel’s pea hybridization experiment was carried out for 8 years from 1856 to 1863. He organized the research results into a paper “Plant Hybridization Experiment” and published it. He discovered the genetic gene, but failed to attract the attention of the academic community at that time. It took a hundred years for people to realize the value of genetics. At that time, due to ideological problems, our country believed that this was discovered by priests and had religious tendencies. In the 1950s and 1960s, China mainly studied the theories of Michurin and Pavlov, which made our understanding of genes a little late. ten years. The mRNA anti-coronavirus vaccine is based on genetic research. After the US’s decoupling of China’s science and technology, as well as the bad spread of the epidemic, we will have more respect for intellectuals and science. We must pay attention to the status of teachers and the treatment of doctors, and respect the creative work of intellectuals, so that we can have a colorful and beautiful world. When a common phenomenon occurs, we must start with system reform, and respect and treat the enthusiasm of the reformed groups with kindness. And only if you understand the company’s strategy, the company will have power.

Therefore, in the face of future basic research, it may take decades or hundreds of years before people see your contribution. Your paper may be like a Vincent van Gogh painting, which has been neglected for over a hundred years, but is now invaluable. Van Gogh starved to death. You are a foresight. If everyone can understand the theories you study now, would you still be called a scientist? If only one or two people figure it out, the two of you cherish each other and have a cup of coffee and chat, and you can also inspire each other, encourage each other, and cheer each other up. We do not require one person to have two contributions at the same time.

3. Yin (Future Terminal Lab): In the past, the company encouraged everyone to do long-term research work, but now because of the suppression by the United States, we need to survive with quality. Some jobs may take years or decades to lay eggs along the way. How do companies evaluate the value creation of these long-term research efforts? For employees who work in this area, what is the value traction for him? thanks.

Mr. Ren: For those who do long-term research, I don’t think they need to be directly responsible for food production, so they can do basic theoretical research. Since you love science and are curious about the future, go down the path of scientific exploration. If you are worried while researching, it is not okay to worry about gains and losses. Different paths have different evaluation mechanisms, you can choose by yourself, and you will not be asked to “contribute to the army”. We allow HiSilicon to continue to climb the Himalayas. Most of us plant potatoes and graze at the bottom of the mountain, and give dry food to the climbers, because rice cannot be grown on Mount Everest. This is the company’s mechanism. So have the confidence to win.

4. Song (Bop Lab): In the past two years, the company has encouraged experts to “kill the carbine” and participate in the battle project to solve product problems. What is Mr. Ren’s expectation or suggestion for the role of the experts in this regard?

Ren Zong: Experts should be specialized. Just like cooking noodles, there is almost a little bit of MSG. Once you put the MSG in, the noodles are delicious and you can sell them for a little more money. Experts have to do that “monosodium glutamate”, to support the front, directly participate in combat, combat results are more objective. Experts should be correctly evaluated when they have made contributions, and the evaluation standards of experts are clearer than those of scientists.

For experts who have contributed in the past, if there is an unfair evaluation, it can be traced back, and the unfair evaluation in the past can be corrected. Not only experts, there were mistakes in the work of some cadres in the past, but today they have been corrected. We must also make correct evaluations, give full play to our enthusiasm, and don’t keep holding on to others.

5. Guo (Planning Department of Academia Sinica): The company’s recent document on strategic goals mentioned that by creating value for customers and partners, it is necessary to survive and survive with quality. Can you help us interpret what it means to “survive with quality”? thanks.

Mr. Ren: Our company now has two funnels: the first funnel is the basic theoretical research in the laboratory in 2012. This funnel is that the company invests funds for you, and you generate knowledge; the next funnel is the development team, the company gives them funds, and the 2012 experiment They give them knowledge and, of course, social knowledge. Their responsibility is to make products and create more business value. The middle junction connecting the two funnels is the “Laval Nozzle”. You have studied fluid mechanics and dynamics, and you know the function of the Laval Nozzle, which is to make our R&D realized in advance by means of acceleration.

Based on this R&D system, we not only want to lead the world in 5G, but more importantly, we want to lead the world in a sector.

6. Han (Advanced Wireless Technology Laboratory): I am doing research and standardization work on the integrated development of communication perception. The potential research and standardization of 6G has the risk of splitting. Does Mr. Ren have any guidance and suggestions in this regard?

Mr. Ren: From a practical business point of view, we need to focus on the industrial application of 5G+AI, and we need to form corps such as ports, airports, inverters, data center energy, coal mines, etc., and prepare to charge.

So why are we still desperately researching 6G? Science, endless frontiers. Each generation of wireless communication has developed new capabilities. 4G is the data capability, and 5G is the capability for the Internet of Everything. Will 6G bring out new capabilities, and will there be unlimited room for imagination? Radio waves have two functions: one is communication and the other is detection. In the past, we only used the communication ability, not the detection and perception ability. This may be a new direction in the future. The future growth space of 6G may not only be large-bandwidth communication, but also have detection and perception capabilities, and the integration of communication perception. This is a larger scenario than communication, and it is a new network capability that can better support expansion. Business operations, will this open up a new direction? Therefore, when we study 6G, we should take precautions and seize the patent position. Don’t wait until one day when 6G is really useful, we are controlled by others because we do not have patents.

We used to emphasize standards because we are behind the times. People already have a lot of stock online. If we don’t integrate into standards, we cannot connect with others. But when we “pierce the sky” and lead the world, we should not be constrained by this, dare to go our own way, dare to create a factual standard, and let others connect with us. Just like the IP of Chambers back then, it stands alone.

7. Chen (Future Terminal Lab): Under the extreme pressure from the United States, the terminal business, especially the mobile phone business, is in a very difficult situation. From the perspective of the company, which fields will have great opportunities in the future, and is the company considering joining new fields? Are there any new directions?

Mr. Ren: Terminal is a complex carrier with so many complex functions and applications, not just a channel, nor just a mobile phone. The terminal is not only a chip problem, but also involves very complex problems. Jobs is very great at this point, he created the finger painting touch screen input method.

What does the information society of the future look like? The experience of information depends entirely on the terminal, and the most important carrier is also the terminal, because the transmission equipment and software cannot be seen or touched. I don’t know what the terminal will be in the future, but it is definitely not just mobile phones, but also automobiles, home appliances, wearable devices, industrial equipment… We still have many aspects to continue to work on, and there are still many theoretical problems to be solved.

8. Liu (Service Lab): I would like to ask a question about connecting the outer brain. The “outer brain” I mean is the outer brain that connects the world. You mentioned that the Qingpu base we are building, the “nest” has been built, will we make bigger moves in “inducing the phoenix”?

Mr. Ren: There are various ways to use the external brain. For example, we are already doing: strengthening support for young and middle-aged professors and doctors in universities, cooperating to set up post-doctoral workstations, inviting domestic and foreign scientists to participate in our research work, and creating “Huangdanian Tea” Thinking House” frontier thought communication platform…, we have to broaden our thinking and explore more and broader ways to connect with the outer brain.

First, the Yangtze River Delta with Shanghai as the center has a beautiful environment and is suitable for foreigners to live. If there are seven or eight hundred foreign scientists working here, they will not feel like they are in a foreign country. We will plan more than 100 cafes in the Shanghai Qingpu base, all of which will be designed and furnished by the company, and handed over to the senior service experts of Smartcom to start a business and realize professional and high-end services. We call the ten-kilometer road around the lake “Ten Mile Yangchang” Street, and the lake in the park is called Lake Geneva. There are very beautiful cafes along the roadside of the lake, which are suitable for modern youth and attract all talents. Create an atmosphere suitable for foreign scientists to work and live. A cup of coffee absorbs cosmic energy, allowing the outer brains to collide and hedge here, and this conflict will produce a new blowout.

Second, when a country encounters difficulties such as wars and epidemics, can we charter a plane to take some scientists and their families over for scientific research? Especially during the epidemic period, our country has controlled the epidemic well and is relatively safe; after the global epidemic has been controlled in a few years, scientists can also choose to return to China. We are now in an online world, and we can conduct scientific research anywhere. In our Euler battle, domestic and foreign scientists, experts, and young engineers are not allowed to bring their families to Sanyapo Park to participate in the battle.

Third, there are all scientists and experts here. I hope you will spend more time reading literature, especially the latest academic conferences and journal papers. You can post the paper and your experience on the Xinsheng community or Linstar and share it with more people. Scientists still have to look up at the “stars” more. If you don’t look at the “stars”, how do you navigate?

9. Wang (Data Center Technology Laboratory): I am doing brain-like computing. This technology may be used in many places in the company, so this technology has been included in the category of root technology for more in-depth research, and will support the company in the future. The competitiveness of various businesses has been improved. What are your expectations or hopes for root technology?

Ren: I support this, why? First, from the perspective of the company, the ultimate social value of our company is computing power, and communication also provides services for computing power. Second, from a national level, root technologies, including algorithms, are necessary for our national security and national progress. In the future, China will implement “numbers in the east and storage in the west” and “numbers in the east and count in the west”. Is it possible for China to become the country with the second computing power in the world in the future? Totally possible. So how do we count? First of all, we have to have advanced methods. We don’t know what advanced methods are. If it is a big country with the second computing power, if the things that carry the basic computing power are not its own, how to ensure the security of the national information industry?

10. Zhang (Planning Department of Academia Sinica): A lot of work in our research institute is relatively subversive, and subversive innovation itself is to revolutionize the life of traditional technology, so in the process of promoting this subversive technology, sometimes Faced with a lot of resistance, what advice do you have for promoting disruptive innovative technologies?

Mr. Ren: Disruptive innovation, even if it turns out to be a complete failure, is valuable to our company, because in the process of failure, a large number of talents have also been cultivated. It is precisely because of some unsuccessful experiences in our R&D experience that many heroes and heroes have grown up. Aren’t all the cadres at all levels wasted, right?

Therefore, we do not fully pursue success-oriented innovation in disruptive innovation. Success and failure are only objective results. Failure in disruptive innovation will also create many talents. They should share all their own experience and ideas. One is to be able to To inspire others, the second is to change positions, with this method that has failed, may succeed in other fields.

Our human resources assessment mechanism cannot simply be evaluated by success or failure. Those who are successful are given an A, and those who are unsuccessful are given a C and a D. This is not acceptable. In the TV series “Fate of the Nation”, there were two methods for the detonation of the atomic bomb: one was the equivalence method advocated by Deng Jiaxian, which pushed the two halves of uranium from the two ends of the tube to merge together, reaching a critical state and producing fission. The disadvantage is that after the contact surface explodes, the second half of the uranium that has not entered the critical mass will be blown away. The other is the implosion method advocated by Wang Ganchang. The country finally chose Deng Jiaxian’s equivalence method. This method was relatively easy. The country adopted this method first. This method was very wasteful. Part of the contact was blown up, and others were blown up. The advantages of implosion method may be more obvious, small size but high explosion efficiency. Our requirements for cadres, regardless of their social value, must make a correct evaluation, not to bury those who have walked this road, and not to “overturn a boat with a single pole.”

11. Liu (Network Technology Lab): For talents born in the 1990s and 1995s, the internal driving force brought by interest exceeds the driving force of external motivation. I have been thinking recently, can we give them more autonomy at work and let them be more creative based on their own interests, which may lead to unexpected innovation and value?

Mr. Ren: First of all, I think this is especially useful in our company, because we have sufficient funds to support you to do some interest-based research and exploration.

Second, we must have both an intensive mechanism and a driving force for innovation. The demands on the market sector are intensive to limit their borders and require them to put food production first. The primary goal of the primary stage is to support oneself, and the great ideal is put a little later at this stage. For example, if ports and customs are intelligent, can they provide intelligent services to 70% of the world’s ports in three years? Can the coal mine corps mature its technology in 2-3 years, and then provide mine intelligent services to the world?

But for the 2012 laboratory, the company has never given you too many constraints. For example, someone is studying the automatic driving of bicycles, but the company has not restrained him. Are we going to make bikes? No. This is a “scalpel” he has mastered, and it may play a role in the future and generate huge commercial value.

Third, most young people have gotten rid of the problem of food and clothing, and put their interests and hobbies as the first priority. We are not as hungry as we were back then. We will do it if we get a promotion, a rank, and more bonuses. Nowadays, many young people work for their hobbies. In the process of pursuing a career, you may succeed or fail. If it is for hobbies, don’t take material incentives so seriously. It’s enough to teach “skinny” treatment, it’s great, go home and tell your mother-in-law, and her mother-in-law will definitely say “thin”! Young people have the lively power of new life, and we are not limited by any pattern to downgrade talents.

12. Zou (Hou Debang Laboratory): We are doing some basic research and innovative research on chemical materials. We believe that we can also do well, and now some domestic universities and research institutes are doing well. But in fact, many of the problems we are facing now are the problems of the entire industry chain, including some engineering or commercialization problems. We want to do a good job of “catfish” to activate and pull the industrial chain, and solve the problem of stuck neck quickly and well. Does Mr. Ren have any guiding opinions on this point?

Mr. Ren: On the road of scientific exploration, my country pays more attention to experimental science and does not pay enough attention to theoretical research. Now, too, companies can’t be short-sighted and only pursue pragmatism, which may leave others behind forever.

We need more theoretical breakthroughs, especially in the fields of compound semiconductors and materials science. Basically, Japan and the United States are leading the way. We need to use the global platform to create our own success. You have already achieved certain achievements and contributions in a short period of time. It is not easy. Keep working hard.

Our country has also experienced the stimulation of the bubble economy. Young elites have gone to “short and fast”. Our country’s work machine, equipment and technology, instruments and meters, materials and catalyst research… Relatively backward products, what methods do we use to It is difficult for us to conduct production tests under such conditions.

13. Zeng (Planning Department, Academia Sinica): How do you understand Marc Andreessen’s “software is eating the world”?

Mr. Ren: In the future, software will devour everything, which shows that the core of the digital infrastructure of the future information society is software. The digital society requires the digitization of terminals first, and the digitization of industry terminals is even more difficult. Only when industry terminals are digitized can the foundation of intelligence and software services be established. Hongmeng and Euler have a long way to go, and you still need to work harder. Hongmeng has already begun to move forward, and we are still anxiously looking forward to it. Euler is making great strides. Euler’s positioning is to target the operating system and ecological base of the national digital infrastructure, and to undertake the historical mission of supporting the construction of a leading, reliable and secure digital foundation, not only for servers, but also for communication and Real-time operating system, this is a difficult proposition.

14. Zou (Data Center Technology Laboratory): The Korean semiconductor industry started from a blank foundation. After 60 years, it is now the world’s leading industry and has become a pillar industry in South Korea. May I ask Mr. Ren, the rise of South Korea’s semiconductor industry has a lot to do with us. What revelation?

Mr. Ren: In the 1980s, Japan seized the high-quality and high-reliability demand for DRAM in mainframes and calculators (with a 25-year shelf life). Based on the Deming quality management method, the quality of DRAM far surpassed that of the United States and achieved a 50% share. In the 1990s, PCs replaced mainframes as the main DRAM market. South Korea seized the PC’s requirement for low reliability of DRAMs (5-year warranty period), and achieved overtaking in corners with low-cost innovation, focusing on cost-effective innovation, surpassing Japan.

The essence of business is to meet customer needs and create value for customers. Any excessive precision that does not meet the needs of the times is essentially involution. Therefore, we need to truly understand the needs of customers in systems engineering. In the past two years, we have been sanctioned by the United States, and we no longer pursue the best products with the best parts. Under the scientific and reasonable method of system flow balance, we have also made high-quality products with reasonable parts, greatly Improved profitability.

15. Gan (Advanced Wireless Technology Laboratory): I am currently engaged in the research of Wi-Fi technology. In fact, this work requires relatively high innovation, otherwise it will be difficult to further improve the user experience. We have noticed that there is another important trend in future innovation, that is, integration innovation or cross-integration. At present, many major innovations come from cross-border integration. What advice do you have for doing well in fusion innovation?

Mr. Ren: Take the initiative to drink coffee with cross-border people, drink more coffee, can’t you absorb his thoughts? This will contribute to your research results. Everyone wants to read the story of the leech-shaped rotifer. Why I repeat this story is that I hope everyone can communicate more and absorb the energy of the universe with a cup of coffee. Victory with partners, in exchange for food, can climb the “Himalaya”.

16. Fu (Network Technology Laboratory): We have a young employee who cannot come to the site due to the isolation of the epidemic. He will be dispatched to an overseas research institute. He thinks it is a very important life choice for him, but currently overseas The epidemic is relatively serious, so he is actually excited and worried in his heart. He hopes that you can give him some messages.

Mr. Ren: Life should be above everything else. The company should care about the personal safety of not only R&D personnel but also all overseas employees. Life is the first, we must protect it, so that your life can take the second and third steps. In addition, it is also your responsibility to cherish your body, and you should also cherish yourself and care for yourself.

Our path is very broad, but sometimes tortuous, difficult and ups and downs. We must be full of confidence, and we will always face the rising sun.

【Staff comments】

Zou Hailiang:

I am very inspired by the story of hybrid rice. Hybridization was not pioneered by Yuan Lao, but Yuan Lao dared to step on the shoulders of his predecessors, take root, strengthen the combination of basic theoretical research and application, and have the courage to make breakthroughs. Finally, he solved the rice problem and made a contribution to solving the problem of food and clothing for human beings. made a great contribution.

We must also dare to step on the shoulders of our predecessors, absorb the energy of the universe, cooperate with them a lot, emancipate our minds, and at the same time strengthen the research of basic theories, so as to better solve the existing problems.

Guo Jiahong:

Most people grow potatoes and graze in the foothills of the Himalayas, and some are climbing the Himalayas. Giving potatoes and food to climbers continuously is actually contributing to the realization of the summit. Now the company is gradually opening up, and there is no forcing a pen to join the army. The internal talent market provides a platform for internal two-way choices, allowing many people who are unwilling to work in their original jobs to have more choices. People who have been working in the supply chain for a long time, envious of those who are in the market, can also recommend themselves, dare to challenge, and jump out of the circle of work fatigue. Being able to recommend good solutions and products to customers in the market is also a reflection of contribution and value.

Value Contribution:

Originality often comes from very basic research, and research in the field of application and engineering often needs to stand on the shoulders of giants to be efficient.

Shen Yongwu:

The leech rotifer fully demonstrates the design pattern of composition over inheritance.

Prosperity in one word:

From 0 to 1, we want to encourage those pioneers who stick to their original aspirations and create in a strong performance-oriented environment like our company. In 2012, the laboratory was very hard, and it mainly undertook the research work of our company from 0 to 1. I hope they will make persistent efforts and create more achievements.

Sun Shenghui:

Respect originality and encourage originality in work, but don’t go to extremes and do originality all the time. 80% should also be improved innovation.

The sky is high and cloudy:

There are many peach pickers who use other people’s results to falsely report their yields. Such a thing must be avoided. Otherwise, the high-level people who are not good at handling interpersonal relationships will be taken away, and the atmosphere of the organization will be destroyed.

In the evaluation of leading cadres, it is necessary to distinguish between “independent contributions” and “team contributions”. When the team contribution is reported as its own performance, it reflects the role it undertakes and the value it generates in decision-making and organization.

Li Jifeng:

Performance first has led some so-called experts to hold scythes all day long to find ways to harvest other people’s leeks. Encouraging originality can inspire true innovation and guide the world.

Li Xiuchang:

Whoever did it is whoever did it. To return to the essence, it cannot be without a name or a bad “ingredient”, even without the qualifications for technical contributions.

1. The proponents and start-ups of internal technologies and directions, if they are not well-known experts or external experts, will often be questioned, shot to death, or even talk about demos and data. If you find a leader to “endorsement” for the same content, the effect will be very different. Supervisors lacking technical judgment can only rely on “superstition”.

2. As the backbone of the new force and internal growth, the organization should recognize and remember the breakthrough, rather than relying on the achievements of others to an “expert”, creating an illusion that the value of an expert is very successful , If it is not the leader, I would be embarrassed to say that it is his contribution.

3. For experts and leaders, when assessing technical contributions, it is necessary to clarify whose work is the work. Everyone must have their own representative work, or clarify the core contribution in it. You can’t just participate in the review and treat all the works of the rest of the team as the work. own work.

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