Talk about Sunac’s loss of 2 million+

Today, I received news of Sunac’s debt restructuring. The first reaction is – no reaction, probably because these are expected things. At the current price, my loss on Sunac is 2 million, and there are still hundreds of thousands of positions left, but this is already a small part of the family’s assets, and it’s just for me. Therefore, friends often ask me if I will cut the meat and clear the position. I will say again that I have no such money at present, and I have held the position until bankruptcy.

Some friends may call me stupid, but I think that the most important thing for people to get rich is luck. I didn’t think it before, I thought it was personal effort, but now I don’t think so. As an example of luck, it was because I bought Sunac’s No. 1 Courtyard that I felt that Sunac was a company worth investing in. Although I lost more than 2 million by strength, the No. 1 Courtyard I bought made more than 2 million in just two years. Maybe everyone will say that I lied, but I said, it’s all luck, and I didn’t expect that I made so much money by buying it in a confused way. He also lost so much money in Sunac stock in a confused way. It’s all luck, I think God is still very good to me, at least I didn’t lose money on “Sunac”.

Having said the above, I mainly want to express two points of view: First, I am not so pitiful, and you don’t have to sympathize with me. Currently, I am more cautious about investing in stocks in Tencent; second, I believe that luck is the biggest success condition for investment and even entrepreneurship. . I want to focus on luck here. I didn’t really believe that as long as I worked hard enough, I would definitely succeed. However, with the progress of learning recently, such as watching videos of bloggers or reading some articles, I have a new understanding of luck as an investment variable.

Let’s talk about my latest understanding of luck in sections. In the past year, the country proposed common prosperity, and many articles and videos began to be interpreted. As I read more and read more articles, I learned that my success today (at least I can earn one million+ a year) is not my own credit, but the country’s credit. This view, which I thought was wrong before, is now right, and I have a new understanding. It has been more than ten years since I started my business. In the past few years, I was in a daze. I worked in several industries, but all ended in failure. During the period, I broke my shoulder blade. Later, when I started e-commerce, I got the results I have today. For many years, I feel that I have worked hard enough to get the results I have today. But today, I think, I just got lucky and chose a good industry, and more importantly, I live in China and an era of great development. It was always said before that there was no era of Jack Ma, only Jack Ma of the era. This sentence, at the time, did not have a big experience when I heard it. Now, in the context of the era of common prosperity, from big people to small people like me, I have a deeper understanding of the definition of the times. I know that the reason why I have a good life today is the prosperity of the motherland first, and my hard work and progress second. I didn’t understand it before, but now I understand, I have to thank myself for living in a good era.

Having said so much, it seems that it has nothing to do with investment, but it is actually related. Let’s talk about the relationship with the company. I used to think that Sunac was very, very good. I invested 3 million before and after, which accounted for about one-third of the total family assets. In fact, as everyone knows, I removed the two suites and the 600-square-meter factory. All the cash bought Sunac. This kind of recognition is no longer called recognition, but complete trust. During the two years of the epidemic, Mr. Sun met and held talks with most provincial leaders, and cooperated with many large local developers, and even many companies controlled by the local government. Even if you kill me, I don’t believe that there will be problems with Sunac. This kind of trust is engraved in my mind. However, today, Sunac has lost so much money. If I still believe that Sunac has no problem, it is to cover my ears. So summing up this failure, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the company I’ve chosen. The mistake is that I don’t have a deep understanding of the times, which I didn’t realize, and I think it’s caused by my lack of ability. I think even President Sun thinks so. So it’s not a matter of personal ability. Say it is bad luck, there is no problem. Of course, this may be a shirk, but what can I do, I failed, and I don’t want to make excuses. The only thing to do is not to choose an industry that may lead to bad luck next time, as the so-called “a gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall”, and when I chose the real estate industry this time, I didn’t understand this sentence properly, so that Failed to invest in yourself. So the word luck, I think it’s neutral, maybe you make ten investments, but fail the eleventh. But there may only be the first ten times in life, so many people will feel that there is no luck. I think I used to think so too, and today I have a new understanding. So what I want to do in the future is to stay away from something that might happen. In other words, even if there is a 1% probability of bankruptcy, I will avoid it. Therefore, in my future investment, I will choose a stable company, and the second is not to go against the will of the country. As for company operation, I will only choose industry leaders to reduce the bankruptcy losses caused by business operations.

Maybe this time I have overinterpreted the failure caused by “luck”, maybe it is my failure this time, and I care more about the impact of this. Finally, I would like to explain the luck I mentioned. Luck is not entirely an external factor, but the final result of my various cognitive efforts and balanced choices, supplemented by a good luck. That’s what I consider luck. Secondly, I think many other things are also very important, but what I summarized today is not in other aspects, so it seems to be more concerned about luck. However, luck may only account for one-fifth of the overall investment in a target, and the others are more important, so this year’s excessive interpretation is also due to my deep understanding of this aspect.

Finally, I believe that most people do not understand, or disdain, only through experience can they understand and understand. Maybe this is my understanding, I said it not to get everyone’s approval, but a self-reflection record. Life is full of different situations. Everyone has different opportunities and different perceptions. Thanks to friends who can read it, the records are messy.

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