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First of all, congratulations to Manchester City for winning the treble! Congratulations to Lao Gua for finally realizing his dream!

Since June, Portugal has officially entered the month of celebrations. The streets and alleys are decorated with bouquets and ribbons, and street parties, song and dance parades come one after another. Manchester City also ushered in the FA Cup and European Cup finals this month, and won the victory, which allowed me to indulge in this singing and dancing atmosphere, and every day was as happy as a chicken blood.

On the day of the UEFA Champions League final on June 10th, I was watching the match in an Irish pub. I was surrounded by a group of Inter Milan fans, but in the end everyone hugged and shook hands in a friendly way. After the game, I ran into a hardcore Manchester City fan on the road. Watch Look at his tattoo, it is estimated that the date and pattern of the Triple Crown will be on the upper body soon!


The friendly exchange and group photo with the fans of the other country also reminded me of a 30-40-year-old elder brother I met at the Epic Web3 Conference not long ago. When we chatted with each other about his background, I knew he was of mixed Turkish and British descent. I told him that my wish now is to go to Istanbul to watch the Champions League final. Then this big brother got excited and started to complain that Manchester City is a rubbish team made by oil money. He not only blindly BB in front of me, but also explained how rubbish Manchester City is to the side who doesn’t know how to play (the original words are shit team & rubbish).

Only then did I realize that he is a Ronaldo and Manchester United fan, so I replied to him directly, do you know where your idol is playing now? Are you earning oil money? Did you know that a Qatari consortium is buying Manchester United? Will it be a garbage team made of oil in the future? The eldest brother was speechless immediately. As I wrote before, living in the city, we pass countless people every day. Whether it’s on the streets or in shopping malls and restaurants, sometimes an unintentional eye contact with a stranger can brighten your day; vice versa, there are also many rude and stupid people who can always ruin your day in various ways.

The philosopher Sartre once said, “Others are hell.” That’s because people, a social animal, are always highly susceptible to the influence of others, and it is easy to respond to other people’s opinions and evaluations. Hemingway also expressed this feeling in “A Moveable Feast”: “The only thing that can ruin a day is people. If you can do it without dealing with people for a day, then every day will be extremely enjoyable. Hinder you There are always people who have a good day, except for a very few people who are as beautiful as spring.”

Cherish and be grateful to those people who are as beautiful as spring, they only exist in the world, and just being alive can illuminate the lives of others. Also stay away from those brain-dead idiots who are just looking for trouble. Just talking to them will make people full of worry and disappointment in this world. Life is short, just spend more time with people who can bring you energy.


The Manchester City team held a treble parade in the rain on Monday. Watching the videos sent back from Manchester City friends, the official live broadcast and the IG of the players, it was quite addictive. After watching it, I want to have a party with Glarish in my lifetime. Who wouldn’t love such a big boy with such a true temperament and an active atmosphere? I remember that I wrote an article for Grealish three years ago . At that time, he was still playing football at Aston Villa and had just attracted the attention of South Gate. In the past three years, I have been following his dynamics and witnessing his growth. . The most fortunate thing is that he has not changed because of the criticism from the outside world, he is still him – that typical drunk from Birmingham. I sigh again, there is really no need for people to deliberately change because of society and other people’s judgments, just keep the inherent characteristics. Xiaoge can rest assured to be the most shining swinging boy, and he will naturally attract people who really love and support him. The same is true of love.

Finally, let’s talk about Ruben Dias. Living in Lisbon, I often hear local Benfica fans praise him. Every time he is mentioned, he is full of praise, saying that he showed leadership qualities when he was 13 years old in the youth training. I remember reading the news before, it was supposed to be the current captain Gundogan who gave an inspirational speech before the final, but Dias wanted to say a few words, okay, it turned out to be very good, and the blood in the team immediately rose. Won the FA Cup! So my motivation to learn Portuguese suddenly increased. The next time I go to watch the player’s bus, I can communicate with Mr. Lu and Tutu in Portuguese.

PS The correct Portuguese pronunciation of Ruben Dias should be Huben Dias, but it doesn’t matter, my Chinese and English names can be pronounced in more than a dozen ways, as long as I know who it is.

digital nomad

Digital nomad pioneer Pieter Levels shared the favorite safe gathering places for digital nomads with high education and high IQ. Lisbon ranked first, and London, Berlin, Barcelona and New York were also on the list (data from the Nomadlist website founded by Pieter, see the figure below).

I chatted with Portuguese locals before, and they told me that if you get robbed on the streets of Lisbon, you can buy a lottery ticket, because the probability is quite low. Indeed, this year has been a party animal mode, so I often walk alone on the streets of Lisbon in the middle of the night or at three or four in the morning, and I feel quite safe. Unlike when I was in London, I was harassed in broad daylight, lost my mobile phone in the subway, and called the police very skillfully… I have never been to these gathering places before the end of the month, just to feel it! There are local readers and friends welcome to face base haha!

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Tried rope climbing for the first time this week in a CrossFit workout with great success! The three-meter-high rope can finally be climbed with bare hands. Immediately, I feel that my game level has taken a big step forward. The next step is to slowly overcome the handstand walk and a series of movements on the rings/horizontal bar!

Once again, I lament that CrossFit is really a cult-like sport. I am abused like a dog every day, but I am still fascinated by it as always. After all, this game has allowed me to have visible growth. Ruthless people all over the world!

This weekend is about to usher in the first CrossFit Game in my life. The thought of a game is full of blood. I seem to like exams and competitions since I was a child, and I always perform exceptionally well. People still need to grow in such a positive competitive environment. To quote which anchor is saying, there is no one else on the field, only yourself, and your competitor will always be yourself. See if you can break multiple of your own training records over the weekend!

Since last week, I have challenged the Hell Week in the gym (6 days a week, training every day). After the whole week, I did not collapse and be unable to move as expected. Instead, I practiced harder and harder. The last class broke my personal record, which is incredible . So I am super curious about the potential of my body. How much does my mind limit my performance?

It is true that most people think that everything (especially learning languages ​​and sports) should be practiced at an early age or early. But if your goal isn’t to be in the top 1% of athletes in the world, it’s never too late to start. I didn’t start systematic fitness until I was nearly 30 years old, and I didn’t start practicing CrossFit until I was 34 years old and re-learned a new language. I feel that I still have 20 years of room for improvement. Imagine that 20 years later, I will look back at myself who is working hard now. I will definitely be full of satisfaction and gratitude, just like looking back at me who just started fitness and didn’t understand anything. Same.

Believe in time and the power of compound interest. Trust in the process ❤

read recommendation

Kevin Kelly ‘s friend CD shares 11 simple rules from hundreds of best-selling self-help books in his syndication mailing list:

1. Take a small step.
2. Change your mindset.
3. Neither struggle nor fear is a bad thing.
4. Don’t judge immediately.
5. Remember that all people are mortal.
6. Have fun.
7. Be useful to others.
8. Perfectionism equals procrastination.
9. Living a good life is simple: sleep, exercise, eat, relax. repeat.
10. Write everything down.
11. Reading cannot solve all problems. Everyone needs to spot blind spots in their interactions with others.

Marketing guru Seth Godin told a very interesting story when he was a guest on the Tim Ferriss podcast .

He once came across a piano with a sign on it saying that it is forbidden to place heavy objects on the piano, and there is a line of small words below: This piano is an original Steinway piano in 1884. This is not just any Steinway piano, but the original and only one.

Seth couldn’t help but sigh, did the people who built this Steinway in 1884 think that this piano would still exist 140 years later, and could even be played by people? So Seth wrote this story in his blog and speech, “Nothing we do now can guarantee that it will still exist in a hundred years, but we can pretend it exists, just like this piano. So we don’t do anything for immediate benefit, but to imagine the impact they will have in the long run. It’s like how this piano is still here a hundred years later, and it’s the same shocking effect that it brings to the people who come to visit.”

For writers, it doesn’t really matter how many readings or likes you get when you write an article. The important thing is that what you write can inspire a certain reader because of your content, and then let ta release The energy of life to realize the potential and responsibility of being human in this life. The same goes for dealing with people.

A week of miscellaneous thoughts

1. Recently, I had dinner with a friend who started skateboarding at the age of 32. He talked about that he liked street culture since he was a child, and he always wanted to learn skateboarding. He had no time to go to school and work since he was a child. After he turned 30, he felt that he was a thousand years older. What to do if you break a bone.

He moved to Lisbon around the same time as I did, and it was here that he broke through the mental barrier of the vibrant energy field and finally started skating from scratch. Two days ago at a skate park in Lisbon, he met a skateboard-themed tubing big V with millions of fans. After communicating with them, he also felt that it was not the body that restricted the development, but the mind. The brain always tells us this. No, no, no, when our hearts are occupied by fear, we will naturally manifest the situation of “I can’t” in real life.

People must do at least once in their life some things that they dare not even think about (not the kind of death). After breaking the restrictions of the brain, life will be much broader. Go to the environment that supports you to move forward bravely, make friends who cheer you up and play with you, everyone deserves to have an unlimited life.

2. When you hear the inner voice that denies yourself, you can tell it: I heard you, but I am a little stronger than you, this time I will listen to you.

3. 90% of the content is dross. If you think you don’t like opera, romance novels, TikTok, country music, vegan food, NFTs, keep trying and see if you can find the good 10%.

4. When communicating with a reader friend today, I found that it is really too common to be eager to “settle down” because of lack of security when young.

Most people’s minds may not mature until after the age of 30. Premature devotion to a career that is not suitable for them or combining with unsuitable people is often the main source of pain in life. Later, I was worried about sunk costs, so I had to keep suffering.

If I could go back in time, I would definitely say something to me who was full of anxiety when I was young, keep your curiosity and keep exploring, be patient, be patient, everything is the best arrangement. Don’t worry about anything (96% of the things I worry about every day when I was in my 20s didn’t happen), don’t be limited by the social clock, eat well, sleep well, mess around but don’t die!

5. The sensitivity of the body has risen sharply this year. When encountering someone whose energy field is not at the same frequency as mine, the body’s reaction becomes stronger and stronger. Now chatting with people is becoming more and more selfish, smiling more when there is a disagreement, and leaving the scene if you feel a little disgusted. Of course, the minimum courtesy and respect must be given, but you can’t wrong yourself.

The world is so big, there is absolutely no need to insist on becoming friends with someone, and there is no need to join a certain organization or community or listen to a certain type of thing. It is enough to find the one that suits you, so that you can always live in a comfortable and comfortable state.

6. ​ Tom Morgan, an online tutor, introduced me to a friend of his, Ron Rivers, who used to be successful in the financial technology field, but now is deeply involved in exploring the spiritual world. So with this podcast, Ron and I discuss the spiritual challenges we face in our time and how to achieve self-actualization.

The biggest gain from chatting with Ron is that it is too common for people to experience phenomena that cannot be explained by science and rational thinking, and what we can do is “let everything pass through us”, without fear, without evaluation, just to experience, to feel.

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