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Recently, a lot of articles have been reprinted in the circle of friends, which is from an interview with Teacher Zhongqing by GQ Lab. There’s a narrative in it about taste:

…the underlying logic of aesthetics is to feel those nuances. This is very, very happy in itself, and it is a “self-rewarding” thing; on the other hand, it can only be achieved through a lot of self-training, and it can’t be chewed and fed to you by others. You just have to drink a lot of coffee, Listen to a lot of records, watch a lot of movies, and try to tell the difference. This process will not be very comfortable, even quite tiring, it is a hard labor, a kind of “hard labor of love”.

I believe that aesthetics and taste are worth yearning for: “Taste” as a label for self-decoration is meaningless. It is a process in which we spend a lot of time, experience a lot of exploration, and even overcome a lot of difficulties. It is worth yearning for.

Taste requires willing labor. Chen Danqing once said in an interview:

There’s nothing wrong with young people pretending to be forceful. I liked to be forceful when I was young…but now I’m doing it. (laugh)

“Pretending to be” is the result, self-pleasure is the process, and hard work is the premise. The lack of any condition is literally pretending.

Yanshen said that it may not only be appreciating cultural works, but everything that has nothing to do with making money can achieve the state of “pretending to be”. When you don’t put the pursuit of efficiency in the first place, “work” is linked to “self-pleasure”.

Another little thing in life is that I’ve found that people who are busy at work tend not to be productive. People who really pursue work efficiency are to free up time for their spare time, but many people are just addicted to work itself, they love it, and they can get pleasure (or satisfaction) from it.

“Pursuit of efficiency” is not for enjoyment, but for better escape from a certain state. For example, if you swipe Douyin for an hour, this is the pursuit of efficiency, not enjoyment. You want to escape from work and other troubles other than your phone. If you really want to enjoy life, lying on the sofa and watching short videos will not satisfy you.

Sometimes tossing productivity software is like drinking coffee. Efficiency (refreshing) is just a side effect of this, it is a process of finding happiness. People who really pursue efficiency don’t care what software is. Black cats and white cats are good cats when they catch mice. This is efficiency.

Finally, here is a meme on Twitter.

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