Tech Enthusiasts Weekly (Issue 216): The Triumph of Minimalism

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On July 23, the National Version Museum was completed in Beijing, Hangzhou, Xi’an and Guangzhou at the same time to permanently preserve cultural heritage items. The picture above is the Wenji Pavilion of the Xi’an branch. ( via )

Topic of the Week: The Triumph of Minimalism

You may have heard the term minimalism .

It refers to an aesthetic style that retains only the most essential ingredients and omits everything else in pursuit of simplicity. For example, the minimalist web design has only the main content such as the title and body, and the rest are blank.

The minimalist interior is simple and empty, with only the necessary furniture and appliances.

I have always thought that minimalism is a very niche aesthetic, and not many people can accept it. If you like luxury, enjoyment, decency, ostentation, warmth, abundance, etc., you are unlikely to like minimalism.

However, I recently read the opinion of a foreigner and realized that minimalism has become the mainstream of society without knowing it.

He gave many examples. The first is the comparison of ground stakes on the sidewalk. The previous ground piles vs the current ground piles, do you see if they are evolving towards minimalism.

Not only the ground piles, but the design of everything in daily life has gradually adopted minimalism, becoming more and more simple and practical.

Guardrail of the river

telephone booth



coffee shop

ikea bookcase


company logo

All these comparisons above reflect one thing in common: modern design discards superfluous details and retains only the most essential structures . Isn’t this the idea of ​​minimalism?

Why do modern designers end up opting for minimalism?

The reason is very simple. Contemporary society is a commercial society, which attaches great importance to function, efficiency, and cost reduction . Therefore, redundant details and unused parts are inevitably discarded, which leads to the trend of minimalism in design.

It can be expected that minimalism will continue to prevail. Whenever the rules of business are adopted in a certain field, then the minimalist design is adopted.

Only if you don’t care about efficiency and cost, it is possible to choose other design styles. When will you not care about efficiency and cost? Probably only those purely personal areas are left.

Technology trends

1. The light bulb chip runs Doom

Doom is a computer game released in 1993, and the code was later open sourced. Its hardware requirements are very low, so it has been ported to various platforms.

Recently, a Hungarian programmer successfully got Doom running on the chip of a smart light bulb.

He bought a $14.95 smart bulb at IKEA with an ARM-based Cortex M33 processor and about 108KB of memory. He took the chip out, attached a separate motherboard, along with 8MB of flash memory (as a hard drive), power connectors, audio and keyboard ports, then hooked up the monitor and an 8-button keyboard, and the game was ready to go.

2. Double deck aircraft seats

A 21-year-old American female college student designed a double-decker airplane seat, which won the design competition and got the attention of the airline.

The second layer of this seat is added behind the first layer, so it can fit into the cabin of large wide-body aircraft such as Boeing 747 and Airbus A330 without major modifications to existing aircraft.

Its disadvantage is that passengers on the second floor cannot stand up straight and their legs cannot rise, which may be more suitable for children.

3. Broken glass concrete

A research team from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore proposes to replace the sand in concrete with broken glass.

Concrete needs to be mixed with river sand to improve its strength, but the river sand on the earth is limited, and large-scale mining not only damages the environment, but also cannot be sustainable.

Both broken glass and river sand are composed of silica. If river sand can be replaced by glass, it will not only solve the source of sand, but also solve the problem of recycling waste glass.

4. Anthropomorphic voice Inc. has introduced a new feature for its Alexa smart speaker, which allows the speaker to simulate speaking from someone’s voice for just one minute.

Amazon envisions a scenario that simulates the voice of a deceased loved one and speaks in their voice, allowing you to have a virtual conversation with them. “While AI can’t take away the pain of losing a loved one, it can definitely make their memories last,” the release said.

Comments have been polarized online, with some saying the feature is good, while others say it’s “creepy” and a “sick” feature.


1. Six C919s in the same frame

China’s first domestically produced large passenger aircraft, the C919, has completed all flight test tasks, and the first batch of 6 aircraft was unveiled collectively at Weinan Airport in Shaanxi. The video above is the formation of 6 C919s.

The C919 is a single-aisle aircraft (one aisle) with 168 seats as standard, and will be delivered to airlines for passenger missions.

2, 80 degree steering wheel

A German auto parts company has developed an 80-degree steering wheel, which enables 360-degree U-turns in a very narrow space, and it is also very easy to use it to park in a space. Above is the company’s official promotional video , demonstrated with a BMW car.


1. What is the prospect of methanol vehicles? (Chinese)

Geely is the only company in China that has been promoting methanol vehicles. This article discusses the pros and cons of methanol vehicles.

Methanol is easy to manufacture, has no technical difficulties, low cost and little pollution. It has about half the calorific value of gasoline, which means that with the same size tank, the mileage of the car will be discounted in half. In addition, methanol is volatile, toxic, and emits carbon dioxide.

2. National Cloud officially launched (Chinese)

The National Cloud, led by China Telecom, was officially unveiled. In the future, cloud applications of state-owned enterprises may gradually migrate to the “state-owned cloud” platform.

3. Google and other tech companies demand the elimination of leap seconds (Chinese)

Certain years add or subtract one second, which is called a leap second. This is very confusing to computer systems and means that there may be 61 or 59 seconds in a minute. Therefore, Google, Microsoft, Meta and Amazon jointly issued a statement recommending the elimination of leap seconds, see Meta’s original text .

4. Why did Google launch the Carbon language? (English)

In recent years, more and more companies have tried to invent new languages, such as updating JavaScript with TypeScript and Java with Kotlin.

This month, Google announced the launch of the Carbon language, an alternative to C++, because Google believed that C++ was too slow to develop and wanted to design a new language that was driven by the community rather than controlled by committees.

5. How to use Chrome as a code editor and debugger (English)

The developer tools that come with the Chrome browser have many functions. This article describes in detail how to use it to edit and debug JS scripts.

6. What is the best lossless image format? (English)

The authors compare four lossless image formats and comment on their performance: PNG, WebP, AVIF, and JPEG XL.

7. Ultrasonic payment (English)

A long time ago, Alipay launched ultrasonic payment, which is to use ultrasonic waves to send payment requests, and payment can be made without a network connection. Moreover, the human ear cannot hear the ultrasonic waves, and the user does not feel disturbed.

The author has implemented a simple demo by himself, using pretty.js to send and receive data with ultrasonic waves on a webpage (requires a microphone and a speaker).

8. Why would I want to write a Ruby parser (English)

This article does not involve technology. The author tells how he made a Ruby parser by himself, which can be read as a story to understand how a large-scale project of one person is made.


1. PPZ.vscode

A VSCode plug-in that provides a graphical interface for operating databases and supports multiple databases. (Contributed by @daGaiGuanYu )

2. Browser ADB

The ADB (Android Debug Bridge) implemented in the browser can debug Android devices directly in the Chrome browser. (Contributed by @LuRcX )

3. Sunmao

An open source framework for developing low-code tools, with a built-in graphical editor, allowing developers to encapsulate any React component and use it in the editor, see the introduction article . (Contributed by @tanbowensg )

4. Auto Clipboard

Open source Chrome browser plug-in, as long as the text is selected, it will be automatically copied to the system clipboard. (Contributed by @wangmeijian )

5. Hakuba

This tool turns a GitHub Discussion into a static blog site. And it is configured with automatic build, as long as the forum changes, the website will be rebuilt. (Contributed by @YeungKC )

6. tlops

A lightweight API gateway based on openresty, which facilitates the construction of web applications, supports load balancing, health check, service fuse, service current limiting, visual management and many other functions. (Contributed by @iamtsm )


Online JSON formatting tool for easy display, viewing, and editing of JSON data. A similar tool is JSON Hero . (Contributed by @bimohxh )

8. Vue Color Avatar

A pure front-end vector style avatar generation website, which can be matched with different material components to generate your own personalized avatar, see the source code repository . (Contributed by @Codennnn )

9. Xmake

A lightweight cross-platform build tool that can be used to build projects in C/C++, Go, Rust, and many other languages. (Contributed by @waruqi )

10. veinmind-tools

This tool can check Docker image files for security issues. (Contributed by @Trc0g )


1. Detailed diagram of QR code generation

This webpage explains in detail the process of converting strings into QR codes, with diagrams for each step.

2. React technology revealed

The original Chinese e-book, interprets the React source code, has a supporting code repository , and implements React 18 from scratch. (Contributed by @BetaSu )

3. Java Learning + Interview Guide

A website that collects Java core knowledge and interview guides, with open source repositories . (Contributed by @Snailclimb )

4. 3D animation revealed (Pixar in a Box)

This is a collaborative tutorial between Pixar Animations and Khan Academy that introduces the process of making a 3D animated film through dozens of short video clips, each about two or three minutes in length.


A background music website for relaxation, the background of the webpage is a cafe, with various animation effects (such as passing cars, falling leaves, raindrops, etc.), and you can also enter the cafe interior.


1. Keyboard cabinet

A foreign keyboard enthusiast, in order to display his mechanical keyboard collection, specially made a storage cabinet.

2. The world’s first web server

Web services for the Internet were invented in 1989 by CERN researcher Tim Berners-Lee.

He was using a NeXT computer, the world’s first Web server.

There is a sticker on this machine: “This machine is a server, do not power off!!”

It is now housed in the London Science Museum.

3. 232-layer flash memory chip

American memory giant Micron, the world’s first to launch a 232-layer flash memory chip, layered on top of each other, like a high-rise building.

However, it is encapsulated in the flash block, which is only a few millimeters high, and the side length of the flash block is no more than 1 cm.

The single flash memory block capacity of this chip can achieve an unprecedented 2TB. This means that the storage capacity of high-end mobile phones will soon be in the terabyte level.


1. A gallon of gasoline requires 89 tons of plants

In the United States, gasoline is measured in gallons, and 1 gallon equals 3.785 liters. The fuel tank of a normal car is usually 15 gallons and can travel 500 to 600 kilometers.

An ecologist estimated that it takes 89 tons of plants to form 1 gallon of gasoline. He calculated it like this:

1 gallon of gasoline = 4.87 kg of crude oil.

Crude oil is 85% carbon, so 1 gallon of gasoline requires 4.14 kg of carbon (4.87 kg * 85%).

1 kg of carbon requires about 10.75 tons of organics, so 1 gallon of gasoline requires 44.5 tons of organics (4.14 kg * 10.75).

Plants are about half their weight in organic matter, so 1 gallon of gasoline requires 89 tons of plants (44.5*2).

This result is quite astonishing. 89 tons of plants are enough to form a grove, but in the end, only 1 gallon of gasoline can be formed, the volume of which is equivalent to two bottles of Coke.

In 2021, the United States consumes 134.83 billion gallons of gasoline. How many tons of ancient plants will it take to produce this gasoline?

The carbon that has been fixed over hundreds of millions of years is eventually re-released into the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide in a very short period of time. That’s why petrol cars should be phased out as soon as possible.



The most affirmative act in the world is that you create something and then you sell it.

The second most affirming behavior in the world is when others create things you’ve always wanted, and then others sell them.

Hacker News reader


Everyone seems very happy when a company is acquired. But I think it’s a sad day that someone who really cares about something and is committed to it gives up.

They may be tired, and that’s not a bad thing, but it’s probably not something to celebrate.

“Should We Celebrate Corporate Acquisitions?” 》


Everything worth doing is worth doing badly, because doing badly is better than doing nothing well.

Hacker News reader


The average person is exposed to as many as 10,000 advertisements every day, in stores, billboards, bus stops, websites, TV, newspapers and mailboxes.

Advertising has penetrated into all aspects of our lives, and now advertisers are studying how to conquer the last piece of pure land without advertising – the dream.

“Do commercials appear in dreams? 》


Most programmers I look up to have a rarely talked about trait: fearlessness.

They are fearless in the face of unknown codebases and unknown tasks, and despite not knowing how to do it, set out to do something. Making yourself fearless is one of the best learning accelerators I’ve found.

“The 10th Anniversary of Becoming a Professional Programmer”

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