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If you don’t make a record, you are worried that you will forget it in the future. Record the whole process here, and you will understand it when you understand it.

free domain name

Since cloudflare does not support second-level domain names, you can only register a free domain name. freenom is a very famous free domain name provider. Now many people report that they cannot register. I took a look. It should be caused by the inconsistency between the address information and the ip address information of your login when you registered the domain name. I am using an IP address in the United States, so when you register your personal information, you must leave an American address generator, so that you can register a domain name with ease. I also failed several times, and finally modified the address and successfully registered.

The domain name has a dns server setting, but at this time, you do not know what the dns server assigned to you by cloudflare is. From my understanding, different users may be different. You don’t need to modify this one.


Register a cloudflare account, after logging in, create a site, at this time you can see the address of the dns server that allows you to set your domain name, at this time, you can log in to the free domain name registered above, modify the dns server, you can .

First create an A record,, set it to dns resolution, do not set it to proxy, and then modify it to proxy after vps is installed.

You also need to switch to ssl, the default is off, change it to full. That’s it.


Log in to vps, ubuntu 22.04, use it directly

  • bash <(curl -Lso-

I chose 15, which is basically the default setting. Finally there is an option, xray.

After the installation is complete, copy the output at the end to WordPad.

finishing touches

Go to cloudflare and change the a record of the domain name to proxy.

Download the v2rayn client, in the core type setting, select xray. That’s it.

The so-called automatic configuration of the proxy means that you don’t need your browser to do any work, just do it.

Do not change the system proxy, at this time, you can visit the country normally. If you want to go out, you need to set the proxy to switch.

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