AP Course Introduction

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If you go to an international school, the British system is called A-level, and the American system becomes the AP system. What is AP?

AP course is the abbreviation of Advanced Placement in English, and Chinese is generally an American Advanced Placement course or an American Advanced Placement course. Refers to college courses and exams taught in high schools offered by the College Board. The content of AP courses is the same as the content of introductory courses of corresponding subjects in the university.

AP is a college preparatory course provided by the College Board to high school students. These courses are more difficult than regular and honors high school courses, so if you have good performance in these courses, you can add more points. Here we sort out all the AP courses offered by the College Board:

  1. AP Art History
  2. AP Biology
  3. AP Calculus AB (Calculus AB)
  4. AP Calculus BC (Calculus BC)
  5. AP Chemistry
  6. AP Chinese Language and Culture (Chinese)
  7. AP Computer Science A
  8. AP Computer Science Principles
  9. AP English Language and Composition
  10. AP English Literature and Composition
  11. AP Environmental Science
  12. AP European History
  13. AP French Language and Culture (French)
  14. AP German Language and Culture
  15. AP Government and Politics: Comparative
  16. AP Government and Politics: United States
  17. AP Human Geography
  18. AP Italian Language and Culture
  19. AP Japanese Language and Culture (Japanese)
  20. AP Latin
  21. AP Macroeconomics (General Economics)
  22. AP Microeconomics (Individual Economics)
  23. AP Music Theory
  24. AP Physics 1
  25. AP Physics 2
  26. AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
  27. AP Physics C: Mechanics
  28. AP Psychology
  29. AP Research (Second part of the AP Capstone program) (Research)
  30. AP Seminar (First part of the AP Capstone program)
  31. AP Statistics
  32. AP Spanish Language and Culture
  33. AP Spanish Literature and Culture
  34. AP Studio Art: 2-D Design
  35. AP Studio Art: 3-D Design
  36. AP Studio Art: Drawing
  37. AP United States History
  38. AP World History

In fact, it is unlikely that any international school will provide 38 AP courses, so let’s research, what are the AP courses offered by NIS that my child is studying. Made a mark, corresponding to the number above.

NIS offers 14 AP courses. AP courses are based on a five-point system. Generally speaking, when applying to American schools, it is recommended to provide five AP courses with a score of 5. This is the most ideal. You can choose to take 3 AP courses per year starting in grade 9, so you’re probably taking 10 AP courses. The exam fee is about $100 per AP course.

If an international school wants to offer AP courses, it needs to go to the College Board to apply for a number, so that students in your school can take the AP course exam. The exam fee is paid to the school, and the school submits it to the College Board.

  1. AP Capstone: Seminar (30)
  2. AP Capstone: Research (29)
  3. AP English: English Language & Composition (9)
  4. AP Social Sciences: Microeconomics (22)
  5. AP Social Sciences: Psychology (28)
  6. AP Social Sciences: World History (38)
  7. AP Government and Politics: Comparative (15)
  8. AP Mathematics: Calculus AB, (3)
  9. AP Mathematics: Statistics (31)
  10. AP Sciences: Biology (2)
  11. AP Sciences: Chemistry (5)
  12. AP Sciences: Physics (24)
  13. AP Computer Science: Computer Science A (7)
  14. AP Arts: Studio Art (34)

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