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Golang can operate the database through the Gorm package. The so-called ORM is ObjectRelationalMapping (data relational mapping). To put it bluntly, it is to operate the row objects or table objects of the database through a schematized grammar. Compared with the relatively flexible and complex SQL statements, ORM is easy to use. The versatility is high, but there is a slight loss in performance. The bottom layer of Gorm is the structure object. About the structure, please move to: You have an object class, I have a structure, Golang1.18 Introductory Refinement Tutorial, by Bai Ding Enter Hongru, the use of golang structure (struct) EP06. Installation and configuration of Gorm First of all, if you want to use Gorm to operate the database, you must first have a database. Here, in order to unify the standards for the whole platform, we use Docker to install the Mysql database. For the installation of Docker, please refer to…

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