Ten Months Weekly (Issue 17): Knowledge Management

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This is the 17th issue of Shiyue Weekly. This issue starts to switch the mail service to Mailbrew , which can directly transfer RSS to Newsletter, which is more convenient than Substack publishing.

The last issue talked about time management, and this issue talks about a related topic: knowledge management.

knowledge management

This part mainly shares three methodologies that have a great influence on my current note-taking process.


【Book】Card Note Writing Method (Douban)

The status of the card notes created by Luman in the field of knowledge management is probably equivalent to that of GTD in the field of time management.

It emphasizes the atomization of notes, and a note clearly explains one thing, one concept, and one thought. Regarding a note, if you have new thinking, you can continue to add it below. Under this system, a hierarchical tree-like knowledge base is finally formed.

Correspondingly, there is a concept called MOC (Map of Content), which organizes notes in an outline and finds a position in the outline for each note. Its role is to “organize” the word, I think it is a good way to digest and absorb notes. Notes that are only recorded and not organized are of no value.


【Series】Evergreen notes – Andy Matuschak

Evergreen Note proposed by Andy Matuschak is very similar to card notes. It emphasizes the continuous iteration and supplementation of a note, and this supplement may be linked to another note in the form of a link, eventually forming a knowledge network.

Regarding Evergreen Notes, there is a Chinese translation project . At the same time, I recommend Andy Mutuschak’s live video on Youtube to see how he takes notes every morning.


What is PARA and its application in Notion – Minority

PARA is the abbreviation of Project, Area, Resource and Archive. It’s a way to organize notes by their function (eg project vs resource) and lifecycle (eg archived).

The card notes and evergreen notes introduced earlier focus more on the establishment of personal knowledge networks. The PARA method manages all content related to knowledge work, such as projects, which are very temporary. Because the problems to be solved are different, it can be used in combination with the previous two methods.

just looking around


How the Best Companies Measure Content Quality – DemoChen’s Clip

An introduction to SEO and content marketing.
Among them is an important PDF: Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines


Existential risk, AI, and the inevitable turn in human history – Marginal REVOLUTION

For at least the last two generations, we live in a bubble outside of history. There has been neither war nor disruptive technological revolution. And now, the bubble may be about to burst, AI may bring about a disruptive technological revolution, and the situation in Ukraine and Taiwan may trigger a larger global conflict.


The Idea Trap – Bryan Caplan / 2004

The three variables of ideas, growth, and policies interact with each other, which can be a positive cycle or a negative cycle. And the change in status may just be luck.

If both good and bad combinations of growth, policy, and ideas are stable, why does anything ever change? The answer, in my model, is luck.

Of course, this is from a social perspective, but from a personal perspective, it is a bit like “thinking determines destiny”.


【Podcast】ScaPo#7 – Teacher H – Master Kong and Friends

Chat show, involving some knowledge of network security. The guest is currently engaged in the recommendation algorithm work, and likes the experience and viewpoint he shared: the current algorithm problem is mainly caused by the “time-targeted” training. If you switch to other targets, users can use it happily. And, he has tried it in small projects.


A Programmer Turned an Open Source Tool Into a $7,500,000,000 Empire | by Sanjay Priyadarshi | Level Up Coding

The story of WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, born in 1984, created WordPress in 2003.

what did you write

There have been some updates to the blog recently, and I will share two of them:

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