Tencent Cloud International Station Tencent Cloud Getting Started Guide (registration, DNS, lightweight, payment methods, real-name authentication, binding mobile phone numbers, etc.)

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腾讯云国际站 Tencent Cloud 入门指引(注册、DNS、轻量、支付方式、实名认证、绑定手机号等问题)


Open the webpage to register https://intl.cloud.tencent.com/zh/account/register

Information must be selected and filled during registration.

The first step is to choose either business or personal, then email, password, and email verification code


There are no restrictions on this email, you can use your own email


Then you have to fill in personal/corporate information, forget whether you can choose mainland China, if not, choose Hong Kong (individual), if there is a company, it is also Ouke.

In order to avoid real-name verification being blocked, it is recommended to be well prepared.

Please note, for example, if I choose the United States here, then the mobile phone number can only be +1. If I choose the United Kingdom, it can only be +44, which is the local mobile phone number, but this is also bypassed later. I don’t know if there is this in the personal version. limit. The mobile phone number filled in this place does not require verification, and you can write it at will.


Then it is necessary to bind the payment method. This gateway does not jump out of 3D verification. I used the CapitalOne single-merchant virtual card. The first time I reported an error (verified 1USD), and then tried again (verified 1USD) There is no UnionPay in the prompt on the right (but it seems to be different from the back-end gateway), and then after filling in the card number here, I will be asked to fill in the address information.



payment method

In addition to the payment information bound when registering for the first time, there are other places worth explaining.

The first is the official document https://intl.cloud.tencent.com/zh/document/product/555

Although the official website documents and the background show that there is UnionPay and no Diners Club, the registration is not the same. There is Diners Club but not UnionPay.

Which credit cards are currently supported? Six credit cards supported: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, DISCOVER, AMEX and UnionPay

Then there is the can’t unbind the default card in the dictionary


The page when adding a card in the background is as shown in the figure. I am not sure whether it can be UnionPay (especially whether there are restrictions on China UnionPay or UnionPay International)



Officials say that real-name authentication is required to use services in mainland China. After my test, I found that when applying for a free certificate for an SSL certificate, real-name authentication is required. When the real-name is not used, the lightweight server does not have mainland China.


If you want to perform real-name authentication, you can choose an individual or a business


Among them, individuals can use passports and driver’s licenses (but the small print says that the address information on the ID card is the same as the place of registration).


Enterprise certification looks simple, and the following examples seem to be registration certificates, business licenses, etc.



Then these seem to have no face? Only photos to upload are shown.

Lightweight Application Server

Currently Tencent Cloud International also provides lightweight servers

Only a few areas outside the country are available without a real name


The price is not much different from mainland China, if there is no discount, it is similar.


Then there are 5U machines in Singapore and other places (compared to the mainland 34 yuan machine), and the cheapest 2nd gear in Hong Kong is out of stock



From the list, most business international stations also have


But I found out why there is no commonly used DNS cloud resolution here, and later found that I can go directly to DNSpod

The official website of DNSPod International Station is https://www.dnspod.com/

In the state of logging in to Tencent Cloud, no additional login is required directly. It is estimated that the exchange of login data,

Package price as shown


Then it seems that you can add domain name resolution without a real name


Bind mobile number

After the first login and exit, you will be asked for your mobile phone number after logging in. Note that you can skip it at this time, or you can switch mobile phone numbers in different regions.

For example, here I tested +1 gv successfully, no problem


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