Tesla has begun construction of the first U.S. lithium refinery in Texas

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Pinwan, January 12th, according to the latest news from the autoevolution website, recently, a sign has been erected on the side of a construction site in Corpus Christi, Texas, indicating that a large-scale construction project is in progress.

In mid-November last year, @fungineer43, a Twitter blogger living in Corpus Christi, Texas, visited Tesla’s proposed factory construction site and saw no signs of construction. But he noticed the land had been cleared of buildings and other debris and appeared to have been graded.

And a few days ago, @fungineer43 returned to the original site and saw that the dirt road next to it had been covered with gravel, and a sign had been posted beside the dirt road announcing that Tesla would build a lithium refinery at the site.

Tesla previously stated that it plans to invest approximately US$375 million in the lithium refining plant, which will employ approximately 165 full-time employees and another 250 construction jobs with a construction period of about two years. The plant is expected to open in the fourth quarter of 2024. put into operation. In addition, Tesla mentioned that compared with the “traditional process”, in the process of converting lithium concentrate into battery-grade lithium hydroxide, the new smelting plant will use “innovative processes”, which on the one hand require less harmful Substances, on the other hand, produce more usable by-products.

According to a report by the American automotive news website Electrek, Tesla is currently expanding its recruitment for its new lithium refinery. In addition to a regional director and a regional construction manager, the company is also looking for a “project scheduler.” According to the job description, this position will support all project phases of the lithium refinery from engineering to construction commissioning, provide key decision-making information for project management, and ensure project delivery on time.

The autoevolution website notes that in electric vehicle manufacturing, up to 8 kilograms (17.63 pounds) of lithium are needed per vehicle on average to make batteries.

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