How will your top seven relationships change in the new year?

Text/Shen Wanjiu

In 2023, it was long overdue, but also as fast as lightning.

In the past year, tonight and now, look at how many people are still around, think about how much money is still in the bank, how many blessings remain in our hearts, how much enthusiasm and innocence let us Can we continue to laugh at the impermanence of life?

In the past year, how many wishes came true? How many nights have we lost sleep and cried bitterly? How many times have we got up from our falls and wiped away our tears to believe in the distance and dreams again?


In any case, we are still entering the new year—whether we like it or not, whether we are happy or welcome, 2023 is still standing in front of us, and the curtain has been drawn. Never beat a beauty.”

As the saying goes, relationship is everything, and everything is inseparable from relationship.

In the next year, let’s foresee the development of the following seven major relationships.

1. You and yourself

Your relationship with yourself, both body and mind.

In the coming year, for reasons known to all, you will learn more about your body, its tenacity, and its fragility.

In 2023, maybe you really realize the importance of exercise, you will develop a habit of exercising, exercise your internal organs, make your five internal organs healthy, and maintain the balance of the five internal organs. For many people, the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys are the weakest and the other functions are very strong. Therefore, before reaching the age of forty, all kinds of red lights are lit, because the heart function is weak and other functions are weak. It’s too powerful.

In addition to the body, how will your relationship with the mind develop?

Perhaps, you start to criticize yourself less and less, criticize yourself, attack yourself, abuse yourself, and be harsh on yourself… You learn to understand yourself, see yourself, support yourself, allow yourself, and even really start to love yourself.

Perhaps, one day, the relationship between you and yourself will no longer be divided into two, but will truly become one, reincarnated, open-minded and enlightened.

2. You and your partner

In the past year, maybe you, like many years in the past, continued to disbelieve in love and continued to move forward alone in the wind and rain, or maybe you have been lingering in front of different opposite sexes, just blooming and not bearing fruit, leaving yourself scarred, or You and your partner of decades have become the most familiar strangers who are incompatible with each other…

In any case, I believe that in 2023, after a year of hard work, you begin to believe that it is no longer impossible to manage an intimate relationship; you may also try to open your inner eyes to see the advantages of your partner that have been submerged for many years; In the next year, I finally mustered up the courage to bravely upgrade your relationship with your partner.

A person can hum a song, move forward bravely, live out himself, and enrich his life. Two people, love each other, stay in the same boat through thick and thin, grow old forever… Maybe it is also a life script that can be tried.

3. You and your parents

In 2023, your heart will become more and more powerful, you will no longer put yourself in a hurt role, you will learn to let go of some expectations of your parents, and you will start to become more and more “as you are” Look carefully at the parents who have limited energy and ability but who gave you life.

This means that true understanding, understanding and even reconciliation will begin.

The channel of love will be opened again.

The channel between you and the world will also be opened in a new way.

4. You and your relatives and friends

In 2022, maybe some friends have gone their separate ways, some brothers and sisters have drifted away, and some people have let you down after you see more of them… But in the next year, You will have new friends, you will know comrades-in-arms who are closer to your inner field, you will also meet new bole and noble people, and embark on a new and exciting journey of life together.

5. You and work

In the past year, work has given you too much tiredness, busyness and burnout, and at the same time it has also given you essential money and value.

In 2023, either your relationship with work will develop more deeply, or you will find the career you have dreamed of for many years, you will find your sense of work and enthusiasm, and you will continue to burn your dreams, You will continue to face your dreams with love, not fear.

At the same time, your relationship with money will become more harmonious, and you will start to attract each other and go in both directions.

6. You and the City

In 2023, you may go to a brand new city, or look at the city you have stayed in for many years with a new vision.

Then, you will go to different places in this city, to discover the different beauty of this city, to meet different people, food and stories of this city.

You will have a stronger and stronger sense of belonging to this city, and this city will also bring you more blessings and love.

7. You and the world

You will become more and more sure that you are unique in this world.

You may also find that when you come to this world, you must have a unique mission.

As Borges said, any fate, no matter how long and complicated, is actually only reflected in a moment, the moment when people fully understand who they are.

At some point in 2023, you may truly understand your unique place in the world, and you’ll make a decision that you’ll spend the rest of your life on.

Zuo An Ji: After straightening out these seven major relationships, do you feel suddenly enlightened? Yes, don’t be stagnant in things, don’t be trapped in mind, don’t be disturbed by shape, restless in fate, don’t think in laziness, don’t know when to stop, and don’t be bothered by emotion. Above the layout, every step has a view.

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