The AR dream of tech giants

Facebook announced it was shelving plans to release commercial AR (augmented reality) glasses less than nine months after its big foray into the metaverse. Alex Kipman, head of Microsoft’s AR project HoloLens, has left. Although Apple has always claimed to be bullish on AR, it did not mention any related products at its developer conference held last week. These giants have huge cash flow, what is preventing them from entering AR? VR technology fully immerses users in a virtual world, while AR technology superimposes virtual objects onto the real world. Achieving this overlay effect requires both the motion capture capability of VR and the computing power of machine vision, as well as the AI ​​capability to process real-world images in real time. All of these capabilities must be integrated into a head-mounted display that not only feels comfortable for the wearer, but also doesn’t look funny. Achieving this vision will not be easy .

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